Why do you mention Spirituality instead of God?

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Dear Pat,
Why do you mention Spirituality instead of Jesus or God? I am a Christian and find this questionable.
Upset in CT

Dear Upset,

When I speak of Spirituality, I use it synonymously with God. I believe Jesus, as well as Buddha, Mohammad, and other religious leaders were all representing God in their own way of teaching. They were representing God, Wakan Tanka, All That Is, The Great I AM or whatever name you have been taught to be God.

The teachings of these great leaders, prophets and sages have become religions and therefore separated the teachings, each one believing they are THE one, or better than another. God can not be separated, He is All That Is.

So…….God is the Divine, the all loving energy that is All That Is, inclucing you, and religion is a way of worshiping that one God. I believe each religion has a piece of the puzzle.

I hope this answers your question and leads you to think about the difference between religion and spirituality. It is a wonderful question.