Driving the Super-Highways of Life

by , under Angelic Readings

In the evolution of man, you are moving from a mind-based species to a heart-based species. Your choices will have to be made from the heart in order for you to live your integrity. We are not yet seeing this happen as often as we would like. We are not being too hard on you right now; we are being totally honest and reasonable.

You are used to making your choices, based on what your mind approves of. You look at a problem, think about how to fix it, and make choices that make sense to you when you analyze it. We are telling you now that it will not work for much longer. The energy of your heart is much higher and vibrates much faster than that of your head. Your head cannot keep up with the heart.

Because of this very basic, energetic fact, you will no longer be able to get the results you prefer when you make choices only from your heads. This is about adding heart/feelings to the mix. If you do not, you will feel like you are standing in mud, watching the world go by. Even the sound may be muffled as the world swirls around you. You are not going the same speed as the world around you.

In some ways, we can associate this with what it has felt for children with ADD. They are, on the other hand, going much faster than you, but because the majority of the world has been slower, they were the ones who felt the mismatch. Now the world is beginning to go faster. Now you are the minority if not speeding along with your heart.

The heart does not need time to choose. It does not need to analyze a situation until it is chewed to pieces before making a decision. As a matter of fact, if you do treat it like a dog with a bone and chew it to pieces, there will be nothing left to work with. The situation will have passed you by and you will be standing alone, watching everyone else fly by you.

You have long thought that acting on instinct was dangerous or at least foolish. As you move into the faster lanes of life, you will find that you no longer have time to complicate your choices. You will know when you need to pass into a different lane and when it is safer to stay in the one you are already in. It is much like driving on your super-highways.

Be alert to what is around you and see what is going on in the world. Is there something that you really want to do but have been afraid to try? Is there something you are doing now that you hate? Which lane do you choose to drive in? If the slow lane is better for you, stay in that lane but do understand, there is a limit on that also. Many highways now have a minimum speed.

The bottom line is this: If you go at the speed of snail you will miss the world around you. That is not a bad choice at times in your life. There are times you all need to slow down and see the world around you better. There is even a time to take away from the highway and navigate the back roads or sit by a lake or ocean. That is not what we are talking about here.

What we are talking about is everyday life. It is busy and it is getting faster. That is a fact. You can sit and complain that is so or you can make a choice to join the traffic. To do so, you must live in your hearts and make your choices from your feelings, along with your knowledge of the rules of the road. It would be unwise to go 100 miles an hour in a 40 mile-an-hour zone. It is also foolish to go 20 in a 60-mile zone. It is time to mix what you already know with a new way of using the information you already have. It is a mixture, a merging of beliefs and ways of being.

Humanity has spent eons in a black and white world. It is either one way or another. Opposites. Polarities. Conflicting beliefs. It is now time to use your hearts as more than a pump. They are the connection between your world and ours. The energy of the heart is the physical connection to the inner realms of being. It is your direct-connect to your wisdom, based there for eternity.

Your head cannot make the connection to the inner realms of knowing. Only your heart can do that. Instinct is not something mysterious. It is, quite simply, the knowing within your own hearts. You have lived for eons in this, and other, worlds. You have a combined knowledge that spans solar systems and yet you believe you have access to no wisdom at all.

You look outside yourselves for answers. You look up to and adore other beings of light that have led your world. It is now time to look inside yourselves and see the light of your own hearts. Even if this seems too strange to imagine, there is someone, somewhere, looking up to you. It is time for you to see what they see in you.

You are not small. You are not dumb or stupid. You are not crazy. We hear these things too often for words. You beat yourselves up for all these things and more as you judge yourselves as unworthy. That is the slow lane. You, and only you, can move into the lanes of the human you now are.

We understand many of you prefer to bury your heads in the sand and not join the world around you. It is easy to sit back and judge how fast it is going. You notice how family values have changed; teaching is no longer the same. Some of you are in terror that sex education is part of a school curriculum. It is no longer what your parents or grandparents experienced. No – it is not.

This is not a bad thing. For example, the family structure may be changing, but the love is not gone. That is growing and it is up to you to add to that love. Time for families is different now. Most parents have to work. It sometimes takes a whole village to bring up a child. Instead of complaining about the loss of old values, add to the development of better ones in your village. Be a part of a child’s world. Be a part of your own.

It is time for everyone to take a deep breath and make some important choices. Among them will be one very important choice – to stay where you are or join in with the faster moving world. We ask that you join in. It is a very short step from non-participation to the full experience of life. It takes only one step. You need only shift into that lane beside you. Join in life.

Life is precious. Take the chance to live it as it rushes by you. Jump into the lane that is flowing along at a speed you are comfortable with, but do join in. When you need rest, get off the highway for a while and do so. You will know when it is right for you.

We are helping the world merge lanes. Faster does not mean more dangerous; it simply means faster.

It is with the greatest of love and honor that we see you this day and please remember to see yourselves as we see you – beautiful light.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT