Changing Your Energy Body

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As the new energy of love is being brought to the Earth Plane, you are all feeling changes in your body that seem frightening at times. These changes do not have to be difficult, but may be accepted with joy. You are reaching the end of an evolutionary process that has taken eons to complete. Rejoice, as you are now reaching the pinnacle of that evolution.

As you walk into the experience of the body, as you have never known it to be, feel the changes that are happening within you. What feels different than it did before? Is there something that can be done to ease the changes? These are all questions you will need to ask yourself.

If you are feeling aches and sensations in your body, you have choices. At one time the first thing you would have done is take a pill to ease the discomfort. We ask you to change the pattern. Instead of taking that pill, take a walk, meditate, visit a friend. Talk about the changes with someone so the body will begin to relax. This alone will help the discomfort to ease. Fear and tension make it worse.

If you are feeling a sense of energy swirling within and around you, a sense of nausea, take a deep breath. Find a way to move with the swirling energy. Walk. Take part in a sport. Eat food that your body craves; it is craving what you need at that time. This does not mean just comfort food, although there are times that may be a temporary fix.

The new love energy that has been grounded so far in the world has taken place in the last three to four months. This has been vibrating at the level of the first two chakras in the body. It is primal energy and has been associated with two things, the first being survival. Many of you have been faced with issues that had to do with exactly that.

Many of you faced fears that were coming to the forefront that concerned survival. These included fear of death and issues about your health. Instead of just feeling ill or in pain, you felt a deep fear of dying. These were very deep, primal fears and they were leaving your body. It is not only what you were and may still be feeling, but, what you were seeing in the world around you. People have been fighting for their very lives.

Second, many of you have been experiencing issues about your sexuality. You’ve been feeling fears and facing guilt and shame. These fears and feelings are not just the personal issues you have around your own beliefs that have been taught to you, but about the general fears within the mass consciousness that were, and are, releasing from the world.

Repressed feelings about sexuality concern not only your feelings around homosexuality and heterosexuality, but long-standing beliefs that sex is “dirty” or improper in some way. You have been feeling not only what you have been taught to believe, but the beliefs of others in the world, as they are being faced and released.

You are now beginning to feel the level of vibration in the world that is about your personal power, or third chakra. This is bringing up feelings of self-worth. Are you good enough? Are you strong enough to face the life you have chosen and thrive? Can you stand in your truth no matter that you fear someone will not like your choices or actions?

You may be, if not already, facing an identity crisis. Who are you? You are not what you have been told you are. You are the combination of your own feelings and beliefs. You will need to stand in the power of who and what that is. It is time to let go of all the fears surrounding that. You will need to make important choices that allow you to be yourself – not who you have been told you are, but what makes your heart sing. It is time to stand in the power of who and what you are and be true to you.

This may be one of the most challenging things for you to face. It may be easier to live your life believing you are something that does not suit you, just so everyone else is comfortable around you. Is it something that keeps everyone you know happy? Perhaps. Is it something that makes you happy? Probably not.

It is time to stand in the power of who you truly feel you are. Feel the feelings that are coming to the forefront and allow each one to be seen. Decide what they mean to you and choose what you want to do with them. If the feelings represent something you fear, face the fear and let it move through. Feel the energy the feeling brings you and allow it to move through like a wave. Put no story on it. Just feel it like a wave and let it move through. It may feel scary for a moment when the wave hits and then it will dissipate.

Who are you? You are who and what you feel in the moment. It is that simple. You are not your job, relationship or any other thing outside yourself that you have been identifying yourself with or as. You are the feelings within that steer you through the life you are choosing to live. One day you may be a person who loves working in an office – the next day you may not. You may one day be a person who loves to eat liver – the next you may not like it at all.

You may one day see yourself as loving and kind, wanting to be with friends – the next day you may be angry and afraid, wanting to be alone. Does this mean you are no longer the person you were? No. It means you are evolving and growing. You are not Sam or Susie one day and someone else the next. You are still Sam or Susie, but your experience of that changes as you live your life. It is OK. It is perfect. You need not stay the same.

It is time to allow yourself to grow. This, in many cases, means you will grow in different directions and at different speeds than those you love. This may cause you to look deeper at who you are and what these relationships mean to you. Will these relationships allow for growth or are they keeping you stuck in who and what you define as you in that relationship? If that is the truth, it may be time for you to reevaluate the relationship so you may be true to you.

You are having growing pains. You may feel this as changes in who and how you view yourselves. You may feel this a physical changes and sensations in the physical body. All of this is OK. Everything that is happening in your world right now is about change and growth. It is all a positive, wonderful thing. The only thing that can make it difficult is when you hang onto what has been and do not allow your growth into what you are becoming.

As we move through this personal power energy (third chakra) you will be faced with many feelings and choices. Please, please choose what is true to you and represents what makes you happy. Do not make your choices because they make someone else happy and you sad. This will help no one, especially you.

We will soon be moving into the energy of the heart (fourth chakra). This sounds wonderful. Yay! And it is. Also do not forget that as you move into the higher love energy of the heart, that the old beliefs that are stored and stuffed there will be emerging so you can see them, feel them and release them as well. This means that your broken heart will be seen once again so you can work through the heartache and mend it.

This will be happening over the next few months as we move higher on the scale of heavenly love, grounding it for and within humanity. You truly are bringing “Heaven on Earth”. You are bringing the energy and experience of love to every day life.

It may seen challenging now as this higher experience of love shines light on the darker corners of your fear, lighting them so you can find them and release them as need be. You are feeling this within yourself and seeing the release of these fears in the world around you. It is just the release of the old fear that you see around you, not new fears that are growing in the world. It looks worse when you look around because you are seeing the fallout of this eruption of fear. When the dust settles, you can see a world that is not based on that fear any longer.

It is from there that you will make choices to fix the things you see in yourself and your world. You will have the opportunity and, in most cases, desire to fix what you have collectively done to earth while you were operating from the fear.

Right now your job is simple. Feel the feelings that are coming to the forefront in you and choose to allow the wave of the fear to wash itself clear of you. Allow the fear to bubble out of you like bubbles out of soda when the cap is opened. Put no story to the feelings, just feel them as the energy that they are and allow them to dissipate.

When you are feeling sad or stuck in your life, call a friend, watch a funny movie, take a walk in nature. Do something that puts a smile on your face. Allow the fear to change to love.

As we move higher up on the scale of love this year, we will keep you informed of what is going on in you and the world so you may understand that what you are feeling is exactly what is being experienced by everyone. It is sometimes helpful to remember that you are not alone. Everyone on the planet is experiencing the same things you are. Each of you experiences it in your own unique way and will choose what to do with it differently, but you are all swimming in that same big ocean of energy together.

Next time, we will explain more about the love energy as it reaches the heart level within you. For now, be with yourself as much as possible. Feel the emotions that are coming to the forefront of your life and choose what you want to do with them. Keep the things that are helpful to you and let go of the ones that no longer represent who you are now.

Remember that you are not alone, you are not only with those around you, but we are also with you in every way. Do not be afraid to talk to us. Tell us how you feel, even if it seems silly at the time. We do not judge. There is nothing silly as seen from our perspective. You are all beauty such as you can barely imagine. See yourselves as the light that we see. Know each other as the love that we feel. You are light. You are love.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. Thank you for your courage and saying “YES” to helping humanity complete this evolutionary process as smoothly as possible.

The Angelic Council & Healers of LIGHT