Your Role in Evolution

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This year is flying by very quickly. The experience of time in the world is expanded to one that is almost unrecognizable from a few years ago. This is because the space-time continuum is shifting and time, distance and space feel different to each person, depending on their relationship with it.

We have told you in the recent past that many changes will be happening in the world. You are now seeing many of them as they happen. Weather changes are the norm. Places that were warm are getting cooler. Places that were wet are becoming drier. Earthquakes are becoming more prevalent and volcanoes are more active. These are just a few of the things we said were coming and they are now here.

What does that mean for you? It means that you now have confirmation of what you knew was coming. Does that make it easier to accept? It can. To do this, you need to realize and KNOW that these changes are perfect. Humanity is in the throes of a very rapid growth period. Earth is the same. You are raising your vibration and releasing more of the old emotions and fears from you bodies/DNA. Earth holds the combined energy of humanity and you are seeing Earth release that energy in her own unique way.

Many of you are feeling deep sadness about the people that are leaving the planet. They are leaving because they have agreed to do that. For many, they know they will be able to help humanity grow faster from the “other side”. For others, they chose to move on and do their work in other places. All is perfectly orchestrated and the souls are in good hands indeed.

To worry about others choosing to leave does them and you a disservice. It does not help them and it certainly does not help you. It is time to send loving thoughts, prayers and energy to them, not worry and sadness. The more you put your energy into feeling sad, angry or confused, the less you are able to be in the state of love that is so desperately needed to bring the world into a vibration that supports that love.

You are moving into a world where separation is lessening. Oneness is being felt by humanity in a very different way and will continue to expand exponentially. Every time you choose a feeling of sadness, grief, anger or other low vibrational form of energy, you choose to slow the evolution of humanity in some way. It is important – PARAMOUNT – that you choose love. It is crucial that you understand that the soul’s path is not the same as the body’s.

The body is the vehicle that your soul uses for the life you are experiencing as human on Earth at this time. It is ONLY the vehicle. The soul is eternal……………..forever………….evermore…………..and continues to grow long after it is mortal on Earth. Please do NOT confuse the soul with the body.

When a person/body leaves the world as you know it, it is only the physicality the ends. The soul continues on its glorious path of enlightenment. Please remember this when you see so many people leaving the planet. It is NOT an end. They are continuing their journey, as you continue yours as human, with the physical body.

There will be many more changes both to Earth and humans as this year progresses. This is NOT to be feared. It is to be seen as the natural evolution of a species. That is why it is sooooooooo important that you KNOW it is not an end, but a great new beginning.

What is the most important thing for you at this time? Do your own work. Continue to release the trapped emotional/energetic debris that is stored in your DNA. The greater part of the DNA that is known as “Junk DNA” is what holds these patterns, beliefs, fears, doubts, etc.

Work with healers who can help you release this blocked energy. Work with us. Ask us for help. Most of all, be brave enough to look at yourself and be honest with you. You know when you are angry, sad or afraid. Don’t allow someone else’s idea of what that is supposed to look like stop you from being honest.

Then be brave enough to admit that and choose to change it. Let go of the old beliefs that no longer represent who you are now. Refuse to let the releasing feelings drag you back into the old fear. Let them go. Choose to find something good to feel in every situation, in every moment. Choose to feel love and joy instead of fear and despair.

Every time you wake up you are faced with a choice. Choose to get out of bed and face your day with happiness and gratefulness, or choose to feel sad, guilty, angry or hurt. It is up to you. It is always, all ways, up to you. Choose joy – or do not. It will not just affect your experience for that day; it will impact everyone else around you as well.

Right now the world needs all the love, light and joy it can hold. It is up to you to choose that and carry that to the world in every way. Do not think because you are only one person that you cannot or do not make a difference. You do make a difference. Always. You never know who you will influence with your choices and your behavior.

You are powerful beings. You are the essence of God. You are a soul that is the spark of All That Is. Because of that you have enormous influence over your world. First you have power to choose your own experience, and that experience shows others how to do the same. What do you want to show others? Do you want to teach them to choose fear – or do you want to show them how to choose joy, peace and love. Do you want to show them that you can walk through life, even when it does not look pretty, and still hold your head up high? Do you want to show the world around you how to love, even when you feel tired and afraid? These are things to think about because we tell you now, you DO make a difference!

We are keeping this short for this time because we feel we have given you much to think about AND much to practice. As with all things, practice makes things easier. Practice choosing love. Practice choosing to see the light in the darkness, not just when it’s pretty out there, but when it feels the darkest. Do not forget in darkness what you know in the light.

Re-member who you are. Re-member that you are the soul and light of the Creator, not just the body you associate yourself with.

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day. Love yourself as you love others and others as you love yourself.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT