Universal Mind

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What do you think we need to talk about this month? Hmmmmm, let’s see. We believe it is about time to introduce you to the ways of Universal thinking. What is that? It is the thought patterns of the Universe. What you recognize as thinking is so unique to each and every one of you that you believe it is only yours. We are here to give you a different perspective. Mind is something that is so much more expanded than you ever thought possible……….and so much less. What do we mean by that? It means that it depends totally on your perspective of it.

We have showed you how perspective of your world, determines your experience of it. It is the same with mind. Notice that we do not say “your” mind when we say that. When we speak of mind, we speak of the Mind of All That Is. We speak of Mind as a capitalized name. That is because, to us, it is.

If you think of the Universal Mind as the whole of all of you, the thoughts of all of you together, you have a small concept of the idea of Mind. As it is true that it is the combined beliefs and thoughts of every human being in your world, it is also the combined thoughts and beliefs of all life …………. Everywhere ……… Everywhen.

This may help you to begin to see how vast Mind is. And it may help you to see how small your portion of this is. This is not said to make you feel humble, it is said to show you truth. On the one hand it shows you how little you are in the Universe. On the other hand, because everything is connected and every little thing affects every other thing, you have huge influence on the whole.

How does this work? Think of Universal Mind as a covering on an egg, not unlike the skin that you remove after you have hard-boiled an egg. This “skin” surrounds your entire universe and contains each and every thought and belief of everyone within. All you have to do is send out a thought and it immediately enters this skin. Not only does it enter this skin, but it becomes everywhere in that skin at the same moment. If someone is on the opposite side of your world – or your universe – it will be in evidence there at the same time it is with you.

We understand how challenging this is for you to accept. It was not that long ago that humanity thought they were the center of the universe. Now, in this relatively short time, we are asking you to expand that thought to the knowledge that you are not only NOT the center of your universe, but you are but a thought within it.

This is, in reality, exactly what you are. You are a thought within the reality in which you live. This is what reality is. It is part and parcel, the entirety and the minutia of that principle. A great thinker on your world once hypothesized “I think, therefore I am”. This is truth. Then what happened? Thought became physical. How did that happen? Thought became WORD. Thought was given voice, vibration……………..and it became mass. This is a subject for another day, but we put it here to seep into your consciousness.

So very much thought has been given to all things by all of you at some time. For some of you it happens all the time. You get caught up and lost in thought. You send out ideas and try to figure out what they mean. This is what you have though of as mind for eons. It is a minute part of what mind truly is. It is what we call the trap of the individual ego. It is a way of believing you are the center of your own personal universe, just like you at one time believed collectively that you were the center of your global universe.

Mind has many levels, as you can see. On the personal level it can keep you trapped in your own experience of self for lifetimes. It is much like a small child who believes that life is all about him or her self. That is the extent of the universe that they know at that time. As they grow and learn about the things around them, their world grows with that knowledge and understanding. This is what allows them to grow into a world that nurtures and allows for more growth, and so on.

You are now being asked to look beyond your own world that has nurtured your growth process and not only imagine it expanding around you (like an egg around you as an individual = ego), but we would like to show you how to tap into the consciousness that is the skin on the egg of your Universe. You have been as little children within the limits of your small world of experience. It is now time to expand on that experience.

As you imagine the skin on this egg, visualize the skin not only surrounding your physical self (ego) or your world (Earth), but imagine it surrounding your known universe. We will not ask you to go beyond that as yet because you are just beginning to understand that you can move beyond this one. Other expansion will follow in due course.

Sit in a quiet space when you create time for this. Close your eyes and imagine the skin surrounding your personal universe, then expand the skin to surround the celestial Universe, all that you can imagine. If you are willing, expand it even further to the unknown. Allow it to surround all that you know and do not know. This is done as an exercise to see the possibilities you may not have yet imagined.

After you have done this, return your thoughts to your own world of Earth. Surround your beautiful planet with this incredible skin and KNOW that it holds every thought and belief of every living thing on your planet. Imagine your thought merging with all the other thought, beliefs and known wisdom and consciousness you can imagine. Feel what it feels like to merge with all of that.

Think of a friend, relative or acquaintance who is in another physical location in your world. As you sit in quiet and put your focus on this person, feel yourself merging with this skin and feel that person. When you have allowed yourself to do this, you will become adept at feeling the individual nuances within the whole. You will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you feel that person’s energy as if you are standing beside him/her in the physical. From there you can learn to “speak to” this consciousness as if you were speaking with the physical person beside you.

This is what we mean when we say to “tap into” the skin. When you tap into the consciousness of this field of energy, this skin, you will feel the combined energy of your world. At first it can be disconcerting to feel something you cannot define. There are so many different emotions that are mixed and mingled that you may feel overwhelmed and afraid. Do not allow fear to stop you from feeling your own humanity, for that is what you are feeling as a part of the whole.

It has been your practice, as humans, to take an issue or a problem and think it to death. It has been your belief that if you keep it in the skin surrounding your own personal mind (ego) that you will come up with an answer to the problem. If you think of your own personal mind as the skin around only you, the only place it can go is around and around and back to you as it entered the skin. No solution, save for what you see in your own narrow experience.

On the other hand, if you take an issue or problem and allow your thought to consciously enter the skin surrounding your world, you have the ability and perspective of the world at your disposal…..immediately. Allow your mind to enter the global consciousness and tap into the wisdom of the world. Allow this thought to merge with what your world has learned and take from it what you believe is the highest wisdom available.

Is it possible to take from this base of understanding, solutions that have been tried and had detrimental effect on your world? Yes. You can do that if you choose, but it is, as always, choice and we know that, if you are reading this, you are at a level of consciousness that will gravitate toward solutions and understandings that are for the positive growth and love of your self and your world.

Try this. Play with this. Make time to sit in quiet time and expand your thoughts to merge with this global consciousness. Use it to find answers to problems you have been analyzing to death in your own small circle of limited perspective. Allow your mind to merge with the greater mind of All That Is. Allow your personal perspective of mind to merge with a greater knowing.

From this will come many things. You will find not only answers to the issues you have not been able to find; but, you will find that you are opening your perspective and experience to a new way of life. It is the forerunner to the way you were once, eons ago and are quickly becoming again. What we speak of is intuition. You were once intuitively connected to everyone else. You knew, without words, what your friends needed. Hunters knew what their fellow hunters needed without the need to speak and frighten the game. Feelings were transferred without speech.

Speech has freed you to communicate with many…………..and it has blocked you from communicating with all. Some of the greatest achievements you have created have also had drawbacks that kept you prisoner to the achievement itself. Speech is one of these. While it is rich and wonderful in itself, it is a prison to time, space and physical ability, such as people who are at a distance, speech impaired, hearing impaired, etc. These people have impaired means of communication and find themselves cut off from the world. It does not have to be so.

So, we will leave you today with this thought – Imagine how your world can and will be changed with this simple return to a very old way of being. Your ancestors had these abilities. Many animals never lost this ability and still communicate silently. Many know how their fellows feel by feeling this field, by merging with this “skin” that surrounds each of you, and your world, and your larger universe as well. You can too. You can merge with this field at any level, from personal to global, to Universal, to God………..at will……….any time….any place…………..

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Know that you are loved and know that you are love. Know that you are a part of the whole that makes up your world. It is you. AND….it is everyone…………….AND – it is us.