Shifting your Dimensional Experience

by , under Angelic Readings

We have been speaking with you for the first quarter of your year about conscious co-creation. The more important question now is why. Why is it so important that you learn to co-create consciously?

First, there are several things that are happening in your world as we speak. As you know there are a multitude of events that have been happening globally with the world in a physical state. Tectonic plates are moving and shifting. Seismically you are experiencing great buildup and release of energy. Temperature wise, you are experiencing a shift upward. It is getting warmer.

These changes mirror your own changes as a species. You are vibrating faster and that increases your own temperature slightly. This has an effect on the way your bodies react to viruses and bacteria. There is an increase in such things as Lyme disease. These are all related.

You are releasing large amounts of emotional traumas, stored within your bodies. As above, so below. Earth. Human. Earth was lead to its experience of itself as a direct reflection of those upon her. As you change, she changes. As you integrate these changes, she will also. It is up to you how you do this.

You have spent the majority of your lives in the past, blaming others for your own choices. It is now time to own them and take credit for them. You have created your world in your image. You have dumped your collective emotional trauma into her.

Now that you are advancing as a species into a higher version of yourselves, you are holding more light, vibrating to a higher frequency, becoming warmer, AND………….because of this…………….you are no longer able to hold the lower vibration of hate, anger, etc. You can experience them. You can allow yourself to feel them. You will shortly, no longer be able to KEEP them. They are escaping your being without your even being aware they are leaving.

You may be more emotional, crying “at the drop of a hat”. You may be flaring up with anger over things that would not have bothered you before. You may be wondering at the different emotions that you are feeling in such a mix, you feel nothing but confusion. These are all things that are happening as you raise your own vibrations.

You came stumbling into this awareness when you allowed yourselves to feel more love. When you allowed yourselves to see the insanity of war (1960s), you began this wave in this chain of events that you are presently floating upon. You have done this pretty much unconsciously. It is now time to wake up and see where you have been so you know where you choose to go. Make no mistake; you ARE going. HOW you go and where you go is up to you.

Watch the changes in your earth. See the changes that are happening and look deeper into yourself. What part of you is erupting? What part of you is shifting so much that you barely recognize yourself anymore? Who are you? Who would you like to be? What changes would you like for your Earth, your fellow human beings? You are not alone…………AND…………your voice and your choice count! What you do for yourself, you do for everyone. No lie. No exaggeration. It is!

Many of you are experiencing a feeling of disorientation, almost like you have one foot in your world and one somewhere else. You do. This other world is not what you would actually call a world, but an experience of who you are – and it is different from the one you have been experiencing.

A dimension is an experience of your consciousness, decided by the vibration in which you are experiencing it. Let us repeat, it is NOT a place, it is an experience. As you raise your vibration, you begin to reach the borders of the physical world you are experiencing now. As you raise this vibration beyond this level, this octave, you do not go “into” another world, you BECOME the new one.

We understand this is a concept that is difficult for most of you to understand. It’s much like going from one place to another by changing the vibration of where you are to where you are going and simply “being there”. There is no path between here and there because you have not traveled one; you have simply changed from one experience to another. There will be much in the near future that is learned by your scientists of how to use this.

The world you have lived upon for so long is changing. It is changing because you are changing. It is already in motion and the train has left the station. Where would you like the train to go? How fast would you like it to go? These are all things that you have some control over. This is accomplished with your own, individual choices.

The more you allow yourselves to clear out your own emotional debris that is lurking in your bodies, your own DNA, the more clear you become and the more clear you make it for others to do the same thing. When you feel the anger, hurt, sorrow or any of the myriad of feelings you keep prisoner in your own bodies, allow them to float free. You need not know where they came from or how they got there; FEEL what is there (do NOT analyze it) and let it go. Choose to release it from the DNA. Watch it float away and disappear. If you choose to stay attached to it, you may no longer blame anyone or anything else for it. It is yours now by choice. If you do not let it go when you feel it, it is yours by CHOICE. Blame game is over.

There are many things happening in your world of experience. This is the biggest one right now. The age of secrets is over and the age of blame is also. As all of the emotional traumas float free from the denser experience of life, they are coming out in all kinds of chaos. You see it on your news programs, in your newspapers, etc. All the fearful things that have held your world together are exploding in your faces.

What you do with this is up to you. You can look at this loose fear and choose to see it for what it is. It is a way of being that is no longer viable for the vibrations you are holding. You can feel them, but you can no longer hold them for any length of time. Let them go. Give them your blessings, thanks for the wisdom from the lesson, and say goodbye………..with love.

If you find it challenging to let fear go, find a person who is trained in energy work who can help you detach it from the DNA. This is your experience and yours alone. It is attached to everyone else, but it is yours to choose how and what to do with your own experience of it. Everyone else is choosing how and what to do with his/her own.

Because your Earth is experiencing your changes in herself, we ask you to look at this and choose how you would like to see the changes in her occur. If they happen violently in you, you may presume they may happen violently in her. Use this mirror she is holding for you to allow you to see how you are dealing with your own changes. When you see pockets of geological disturbances in your world, understand that they are reflections of pockets of lower vibrational energies trapped in human groups on earth. How do you help? Add more love to your own and visualize it going out to the world and the darker pockets of unconsciousness.

If you don’t like the ground shaking beneath your feet, allow the repressed energy in you to escape peacefully and help others to do the same. If you don’t like to feel the ash choking you as it falls from an erupting volcano, allow the “stuffed” emotional debris in you to escape without eruption.

Who are you? You are the experience of your soul, played out in you. It is an elaborate physical dream of you, surrounded by and with those you chose to play it out with. Why? You chose this to have a platform, a playing field to move and grow as a soul, to release fears and beliefs from alternate life experiences. You are here to re-member who you are. You are a soul, composed of sprit, God-Consciousness, having this physical experience so you can remember that you are the consciousness, not just the physical being. As you clear the debris of misunderstanding of who you believe you are, you reclaim your “Clear Conscience”, the truth of who you are in consciousness.

Again, we know how challenging it is to wrap your minds around this concept. So…………….we are asking you not to. Do NOT wrap your minds around this – or anything. See, feel and touch this with your hearts. Put this in that special place of love within you that knows. There is no need to understand it. Trying to understand something puts it back in your minds and keeps you in a perpetual loop of misunderstanding. It prevents you from finding what you are attempting to find in the first place.

So – in answer to why it is so important to switch from unconscious creation to conscious creation – your lives depend on it. Your world depends on it.

Use your hearts to choose the paths that are the most beneficial for you and what you believe is most beneficial for your world. It is up to you………..and you…………..and you…………………………and you……………

It is with great honor, respect and love that we once again take our leave. Although we are not heard in this way in every one of your moments, know that we are with you in each one. Open your hearts and allow us to speak to you in each breath. Feel us in every thought, with every beat of your heart. Know we are with you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT