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This month we will be bringing you to the next step of our “project” for 2010. We started in January with Conscious Creation and added Detachment last month. This time we will be adding the concept of “perspective”. Without this, nothing is possible.

The reason perspective is so crucial to your evolutionary process from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous is that you have to create the changes you prefer so you will be where you want to go when you get there. Let us explain.


If you are standing in a field watching a tree, you will see a tree from your own perspective. Being third dimensional, you are able to see width, depth and height. You also see the tree only from one side. You see what is facing you. You cannot see behind the tree or even the sides very clearly. Certainly you cannot see the top if the tree is taller than you.

Imagine 3 other people standing in other fields, one to the left, one to the right and one opposite you. What each of them sees is very different from what you see. If each of you described what you saw there would be no evidence that you were looking at the same tree at all. When described to others, they would not believe it was the same tree.

Just as you see the tree, you see life from your own perspective in everything you do. No two people can see the same things from the same perspective. Besides being colored by the act of seeing, everything is being colored by the emotions that are touched by the experience. The sight, smell, feel, sound and taste alter the experience for everyone.

Why is this so important at this point in our creation? It is because without the diversity of experience, you could not create a rich environment. You could create a world with no depth. You could create a world of trees with only one side.

When you take the four people who see the tree and put their experiences together you begin to get a complete idea of what the tree looks like. You get depth added to the width. You get height from the perspective of four different people that are experiencing the tree from different personal heights. You create a composite of hues and deepen the richness of color.

When you put ten people together, standing at different angles, heights, you create a grander view and version of what is seen.

For a moment, let us expand on this principle and broaden the possibilities. What do you suppose would happen if you created a composite of a town full of people who had seen the same tree? What if this tree stood in a National Park and was seen by millions of people? Imagine how the view of this tree would expand into a multidimensional unit.

We are talking about creating a new world or, to be more precise, a new version of your present one. If you create this from a narrow focus or perspective you will create a narrow focused world. Think how much more wonder-filled it would be to have a world created with a multitude of perspectives.


To begin with, the next time you are looking at an object, think about what you see. If you can’t visually walk around and see what it looks like from all angles, imagine what you believe it would look like. Take in the sound, smell and feel of it. Taste it if that is appropriate. How does it change the object?

To do this you will have to change your awareness of the world around you. Look at it. Really look. Pay attention to all the things that make it what it is. Know that you can and will change it by the observation. All scientists know that the one doing the experiment changes the results of the experiment. This is true of observation.

This is because each person who takes part in an experiment is seeing it from a different perspective. No two can ever be the same and the results will always vary by the person doing the observation. No two can experience any of the five senses of physicality in the same way and cannot see, imagine or interpret the results the same.

So, you now know why perspective is so important. Now we will give you a clue as to how to create with it.

Creation, as you know, is based and determined by the focus you hold as you imagine the object or event you choose to create. It is based on your underlying beliefs and knowledge of the subject. It is also important to know that your beliefs on the subject are greatly influenced by the perspective from which your viewed it.

So, before you ask your mind to concentrate on the subject, create an image of your subject from all the angles you can conjure in your imagination. Do not allow only one perspective of the subject to be in your thoughts when you do this. This will create a very, one-sided, one-dimensional result.

Think about what it is you would like to create. Feel what it feels like in your being to be a part of that creation. Feelings are paramount to the process because it is the energy of the feelings that moves the actual process. Then ask your mind to be an active part of the process. Engage the mind in the imagery it will take to make a complete picture………….including ALL the senses.

Please, please, please, when you do this, use the perspective from all angles possible for you. It is always better to create a whole scenario than a piece of one. Try this often. Play with it. Experiment with it and see what results you create. This is how to create on a personal level using perspective.


Now that you have the basics of perspective in mind, we can add the best part. You do not have to do it all yourself.

For the creation of the 5th Dimensional World, you will be creating globally. When each one of you becomes more and more adept and comfortable with creating on an individual level and getting the results you prefer, it will be time to move on to broader and larger things. By larger and broader we mean global. To do this is can be very daunting to think you have to do this alone.

For this step in the process, imagine that each of you is one person looking at the tree we spoke of. Each of the billions of people in this step are creating this new world in each and every thought. How do you want it to be? What would you like to create? These are the things to keep in mind for this step.

You ask the question………..but what about the people who are out there creating unconsciously? What will they create? The answer to that question is always unanswerable because the energy of intent is in shadow. This is another reason why it is crucial for you to look from all perspectives and do your part consciously. For each of you who create consciously, in this way, you can overcome the unconscious efforts of the others.

Think about what you choose to create. Look at it from all angles and perspectives. Feel what it feels like to imagine this world you are creating. Feel what it would be like to live in that world. Try it on. If it feels good to you, go to the next step; if it does not, go back and look again.

Next, use your mind as a focus tool to see this creation, see it, feel it, touch it, and taste it. Smell it if you can. When you are done with this and this feels comfortable to you, sit back and watch the world. Become aware of the messages coming to you. Does it seem like these changes are happening? If not, repeat the process.

If you change in the process and what you were intent on creating no longer works for you, start over. Use all perspectives, and go until you FEEL what feels best to you. By doing this you add the highest version of yourself that you can be and that is always, all ways the energy that can move the universe into creation the fastest and strongest of all. It is…………..and that’s a fact.

So, we will leave you for this month with this project. First – get used to the feel of creating. Second – practice creating for yourself. See how it works. Observe. Wait for results. Third – start creating consciously for your world. It is you who will put your version of ITS highest abilities into reality. This is so because each and every one of you sees the tree from your own personal perspective.

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Know that you are magical creators, part of the Divine Spirit that is All That Is……………………………And so it is!

The Angelic Council of LIGHT