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So far this year we have given you steps to Conscious Creation. The first was the awareness that you are creating everything in your world and the knowledge that you can do it consciously. Second was detachment. This is necessary to see your world clearly and be able to create without the emotional baggage that you have accumulated through life’s journey. The third was perspective because without seeing from the larger view of the world instead of just through the narrowed slit of your own, it is impossible to create with wholeness. Now it is time to add passion.

Can you create without passion? Yes, and when you do, it will be an empty, lifeless attempt at filling a whole space with another piece of half-baked dough. Picture this as baking a loaf of bread. You can bake the bread with all the ingredients but only half the heat to cook it, but it will be doughy in the middle. If you want it to raise and be fully cooked, it has to first aerate to raise and then to sustain a certain temperature to change the ingredients from one consistency to another, from one expression of energy to another.

Did anything change in the process? Are the original ingredients still in the loaf of bread? Yes. Do they look the same, feel the same and taste the same? No. They are the same energy, but the texture, look and feel of it is different. It has matured into another form. You have taken the energy of the bread in dough form and transformed it into bread.

It is the same with conscious creation. You can take the ingredients – awareness, detachment & perspective – and choose to create your world. Passion is the heat of the oven that bakes the dough into the loaf of bread. Without the passion there is no way to raise it to a fully baked loaf.

Raising the dough takes heat and baking takes the same. Consider this………….what if you take the ingredients for creation and put them out to the Universe. What if you give them to us and say ok, take this thought form and change it to our reality. Here is what we can give you……..We can give you the picture you are painting with your thoughts.

Now, what if you give us that picture and add to it the feelings from your heart – the PASSION that is in your heart? From that combination of thought and passion, we feel your request as if amplified through the largest speaker system you can imagine on Earth. You will be ringing like bells, loud and clear. It is the energy that sets the thoughts into motion. It bakes the bread.

You have been using this method of creation all your lives and have not been aware of it. You have thought of things you believe and we have given them back to you. When you were in an emotional state, you got it back faster. Now is the time to take this process and begin to first see that is what you are already doing. When you recognize this you can change what you are putting out to something that really works for you now, not what worked for you as a child.

Most of what you are creating with is from your childhood and accumulated beliefs and fears along the way. Now that you know how you are doing it, you can examine what you are putting out and if it no longer fits who you are, and what you truly want to see for yourself and your world, change it to something that does…………BEFORE you create more of what you no longer want.

So, if you truly look at this, feel this in your body, you will know this is true. There is no right or wrong to this. This is not a pass/fail test. If you don’t feel this or believe this is how it works, continue to do it unconsciously. That is always a choice, but do not blame God or anyone else for your experience. It is without a doubt – your creation.

How does this fit into your world? What does passion have to do with your experience? Besides knowing that it is the catalyst for the change you prefer, it is the experience of life itself.

Think what is like to go through life when you are in love. When the passion of new beginnings and new relationships are in bud. There is a feeling for life that it will never end. It is timeless. It is ephemeral. You want to stay in it and bask in the feeling for the rest of your life. It is joy.

It is this feeling, this energy of life that is called passion. It is the feeling of oneness with All That Is. It is. It simply is and you would like to be with it always.

Now think of the times you have felt alone and separate from everything and everyone around you. You have grieved for lost loved ones and grieved for your self. You have felt like life is not worth living. This is because the passion, the connection with All That Is, is temporarily forgotten. It is still there, but you do not feel it at such times. You are choosing to experience the feeling of life without the passion.

Now imagine what happens when you create from passion. You will create a living experience of joy itself. What happens when you create from the feeling of aloneness? You get back more feeling of aloneness so you can SEE what you are creating and change it if you prefer.

All things you see in your world are reflections of your beliefs and experiences. What you see around you is what you believe and have created. It is now up to you to look at what is around you and see whether you like what you see. If you do then keep creating as you are. If you do not, see what is before you, feel what you would like different and create it consciously – with passion.

We understand this is a concept that is just on the edge of your understanding. This is ok. It is not imperative that you take this all in at once. It is being given to you in pieces so you can see it more clearly.

Passion. It is the heart of your world. It is the fire that lights your path and leads you to the highest version of who you can be. Who you choose to be is determined by your heart, not your mind. Your mind will always, all ways bring you to logic and there is no passion in logic. It can only bring you to more logic and less feeling, less passion. It brings you to an experience of being and feeling separate and alone in your world.

Feel in your bodies where you spend most of your time. Do you spend most of your time thinking, or do you spend more time feeling? This is the question we ask you to answer for yourself in the next month. Take time; make time to look at this. Feel this in every cell of your body. Thinking is very different from feeling.

Many of you have shut down your feeling because you believe that all life experience is painful. You have allowed your pain to stop you from the joy that lies beneath it. Know that all feelings are based on life and life is the experience of your very soul. Beneath every bit of painful memory is a joy you have not allowed yourself to feel. Now that you know that, do you choose to experience life with the pain or float through the pain to the joy below? It is the joy below that fuels your life, your passion and creation.

If you are willing, for the next month, feel everything that tugs at you. Make the opportunity to use every emotional tug and feeling to bring you to joy. It is the boat sitting at the dock, waiting to take you through the pain to the joy. Make no mistake; it is the fear of the fear, the fear of pain that stops you from growing. It is that and only that. When you stop fearing that it can defeat you, that it can kill you, it can no longer keep you from going beyond your belief and experience of pain to the joy and passion.

Find someone you can talk to. Sit alone in silence and talk to whatever higher power you believe in or can imagine. Hug a tree. Be with the sound of a bubbling brook. Hold the hand of a friend. And then…………walk into the feeling you have been so afraid of and see that the fangs you believed would bite you are but tiny baby teeth without your fear.

We will feel a big surge in the passion you are feeling with this life experiment. We feel joy in the knowledge that you will be moving your experience into feeling instead of just thinking. When thought is coupled with passion a new world opens up. Passion is the key to your escape from the prison of thought you have kept yourself in. It is the ticket to the new world you imagine and can now create.

We will be here to help you in any and all ways. It is our pleasure to be a part of this creation with you for we help bring to you the world you tell us you want. We have been doing this from time before time and are ecstatic with joy to see you joining us as your own Earth Angels, creating without fear.

As always, we honor your choice to be there experiencing that world so you can transform it to a world of joy. It has taken much courage and love to do this and you are doing it magnificently. And so, it is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave for this day of your time.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT