Owning Your Part in the Shifting of Humanity

by , under Angelic Readings

Many of you have been asking what is happening to you on a personal level as the changes for humanity take place on a global level. There are as many answers as there are people to hear them, but we will attempt to make this answer work for all of you.

We have told my before that you are raising your vibration to a higher level of love and light. It is important to note here that you are, in the process, transmuting the lower energies of fear and pain. In the process, you will be feeling the fear and pain that arise to be seen, felt, and let go of. This does NOT mean you have to wallow in the muck and mire of these emotions.

For years it has been accepted that working through emotions meant living them over and over again. We tell you now; that is what keeps you in them. It is keeping yourself in the story of the events the emotions are attached to that keep you living them over and over again. It is time to stop the cycle and let go of the story they are attached to.

Did these things that seemed so traumatic happen? Yes. That does not mean they have to stay with you. They happened so you could learn a lesson. It is now time to look at this and choose whether you want to keep the lesson or the story embedded in the DNA. It is, as always, your choice. You have been stuck in these patterns because you were “unconscious” and they played on and on like songs repeat. You can turn the repeat off now, simply by letting go of the story. See them as old movies that no longer fit who you are or even like.

You do this with choice. Consciously. Give notice to your body, where the records are stored, that you will no longer be re-living the story. Once your mind has the story in its focus, it will not stop. It is like a dog shaking a bone. It is up to you to take the bone away from the dog. Analyzing will no longer work. As long as you keep your focus on it, it will be there. End of story (excuse the pun).

This is what is necessary as these next few months pass. By doing this you raise your vibration and the global vibration is raised as well. It is this raising of vibration in you that creates the change in the world. As you grow, so does everyone else. This is another concept you have had backwards for eons. You have been looking outside yourselves and trying to change the world around you. As you see things “out there” you don’t like, you attempt to make those things change. These things are a mirror to you. Change them in you and they will be disappearing “out there”.

We understand that to many of you this is old news. To others it is the dawning of a new day. Please wake up and look at this new day through new eyes of wonder. It is wonderment that will allow for these changes. It is not the same as “I wonder,” which keeps you wondering where it came from, how it began, etc. It is wonderment, as in awe and reverence. Feel the difference.

You are changing. Your world is changing. We are changing. All things change and do so together. As we are all connected, all one, we all change together. As you grow, we grow. As we grow, the universe grows. All is ONE.

Earth is also one with you. As you abuse and mistreat her, you abuse and mistreat yourself. This has been the case for hundreds of years. There was a time when your ancestors treated her with respect. That has not been the case for too long. You must return to the awareness that you and she are sacred beings. This will change your world smoother and faster than you can imagine.

She is changing as you are. Your balance of minerals and water are being altered, as are hers. Your physical shapes are changing as you alter your energy within your photonic structure. Hers are changing also. There is nothing you can do that does not affect her and you are affected by the changes in her. It is time to once again live in harmony and balance with your Earth Mother. It is time to respect and honor her and also give that honor and respect to yourselves and the rest of humanity.

You are changing the world as we speak. It is being done with love in many cases and fear in others. We will tell you now that, when you do this with love, the results will be something you have only dreamed of. When you do this from fear, it will produce a world you do not want to consider in a nightmare. This is what you have been doing. You are now moving out of the nightmare and into the dream – Heaven on Earth.

You are doing this even faster than we imagined. We told you before that it was predicted, at the rate you were moving 50 years ago, that you would be ending yet another version of humanity in darkness. This is not the case. You chose to move into the light. What we also did not expect is that you would do it so quickly. It’s like you woke up and said “OK, here we are, look out world, here we come!” And you’re doing it! We are in awe of you!

It is time to look in the mirror. Really look this time and see all the things you have considered flaws. See them clearly and choose to let them go. Be honest with what you see. Do NOT judge yourself for the flaws! Just see them. Once you own what you see, you can make choices to change them forever and move forward. It is from this point that you can look into the mirror and see the clear beauty that we see.

As more and more of you see the light in yourselves, you will see it in the world. As you let go of more and more of the issues that cloud your vision of yourselves, you will see that light become brighter and brighter. See that light. Be the light shining into the darkness around you so others can see and find their way.

Many of you are feeling the changes in your bodies. Some feel lighter and freer in your movements and actions. Some of you are feeling the tension and pull of the things that have kept you in fear for centuries. Keep letting go of the things that feel tight and restrict your actions. Adopt new ways of being that fit who you are now. If you were afraid of flying, for example, own that fear and let it go. Then feel what happens the next time you are in an airplane. Relish in the freedom and joy of exploration – without fear.

Do this with all things and you will soon find that the world looks different, brighter in some way. Look around and see how quickly the world is changing. Do not fear these changes. Be happy for the new way you experience the world and feel the joy. Do not fear change. It is this change that allows for your growth and joy in that world. Without change, nothing is possible. That goes for you as a person, the world around you, Earth, and the Universe.

Many of you are frustrated that you can’t go faster and help the world. You must first help you. Change things in you that you see yourself not liking “out there”. That IS helping the world. You change it in YOU.

Remember that all is well. The changes you see are the natural changes of your evolutionary shift. They will go as easily and smoothly as you let them. This means accepting the changes in you. You can do this by attempting to change the world, but unless you allow the changes in you first, you will be blocked and perhaps blame the world for not doing the changing you so desire. It is one of life’s greatest paradoxes.

It is with the greatest of honor and love that we take our leave. You are loved beyond measure. Please love each other the same way. Throw away the yardsticks that you measure everything with. Measure nothing. FEEL the love and let it flow, unimpeded to all around you. As it reaches those “out there”, it flows through you and changes you in the process. And so it is.

The Angelic Council & Healers of LIGHT