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September 17, 2008

Love is not what you think it is. On the level of third dimensional consciousness it is a simulation of the feeling you have for the highest reality of what you call God, the ALL, the I AM presence. It is the best and only way you can simulate that feeling and keep it in your reality. This is love…..pure…..unconditional.

You act out this love with other beings that you feel attracted to in some way. It can be felt on a spiritual level, a physical level and on a mental/emotional level. Any way you do that has the same destination or purpose ……… bring you to the feeling and remembrance of your connection to God.

When you act this out while in a physical body, things take on the color and light of the physical, emotional/mental experience. It then becomes conditional love. The egoic structure of humanity has been to capture, to possess, therefore “owning” the object of desire.

This is changing. As you become higher in your vibration and ability to hold light and therefore more true love, the need to possess is shifting to one of sharing. The need of ownership is no longer an issue. When this occurs, many things will happen. Jealousy will dwindle, competition will dissolve, animosity, hatred, distrust and many other emotional constructs will become debris.

Real love, true LOVE, is the deepest sharing of self with God. Some, but very few of you, are able to feel this connection in meditation and the sharing of things in your physical world, such as nature. Many of you as yet cannot. For those who cannot, the need for human companionship and physical sharing is stronger, for that is how you feel this love.

As you experience this type of love it is not evident to you that is has much to do with anything but the person you are connected to in that Earth Plane. Everything is projected outside yourself to the other person and thus the attachment becomes embedded and conditions attached. You then have a need for this connection to feel whole yourself.

You are shifting out of this experience to the higher relationship with God. As you are able to hold more love and light, you will be able to feel a connection to something much more beautiful than you ever imagined. In doing this it does not diminish the connection with those who you share this experience with on Earth. It can greatly increase the connection with your loving relationships when you ADD this awareness to the experience.

Try, if you will, to imagine being with the person with whom you feel the most love. Picture yourself doing something physical, or just sitting together enjoying a sunset. Feel the warmth and aliveness of the moment. Then, add to this the feeling of a deep connection to God/The Universe/All That Is. Feel this AND the feeling of being with the one you love. Combine them. Allow them to become ONE. FEEL what that feels like. Allow this to “spark” your cells with love and light.

This is the world you are creating now. Love is one of the first things you will feel differently. At first you may feel it as a “falling apart” of all you know and relationships that no longer fit the new world experience. Begin to let go of the beliefs about the old relationships and allow the new level of love and light to infuse you in everything you do, with each person you interact with.

This my dear ones is the picture of your coming nows as things change from what they were to what they are becoming. Know that all things as you know them are shifting to bring in the new level of light that will be as a torch to lead you from the dark corridor to the lighted room. It is your beacon, your guide to the love that is true. It is within you. It is. It always has been. It will be forevermore. All that can change is your experience of it.