Living in Your Heart

by , under Angelic Readings

Personal responsibility is something everyone now needs to take. It has always been considered a frightening thing for people to take responsibility for themselves. It has been easier for many to take responsibility for everyone else. First of all, to take responsibility for another is to take away their own. If you change the word responsibility to power it may make more sense. It is necessary to stand in your own power and make your own choices.

This needs to be done from your hearts. For eons people have made choices based on what they have been told, not what they believed, felt or wanted. As you move into an experience of living in the heart, you will no longer be able to tolerate doing what does not represent who you really are. It is time to find out what that is. What do YOU believe, feel and want?

Why is it so important now? Because you will no longer be happy with yourself if you do what does not feel right in your heart. You will feel like you are living a lie. It will not feel right to you. The most important thing is to be true to you and know when you are lying to yourself.

You will soon be able to spot a lie in anyone. The most challenging thing is to see it in you. It is easier to see it “out there” than admit it is in you. It is important to remember that if you see it “out there” it is only a reflection of what is in you. Choose to look at you and ask what part of “out there” is yours.

Energy is aligning on the planet. The Earth/Human vibration is rising. Acting on your own truth in your heart will feel peaceful with everything around and within you. Making choices you do not prefer will cause you to feel very uncomfortable. They may even bring up a lot of emotions, such as guilt, anger, resentment and fear until you become ready to face the beliefs and emotions and let them go. They are emerging so you can see them and choose to let them go.

Who are you? What “makes you tick”? We know it is easier to make a choice that keeps everybody else happy. You do not want to feel what it feels like to believe you let someone down, disappointed another, betrayed someone’s trust………and on and on it goes. We also know this will not work much longer. Will it keep others happy? Perhaps. Will it keep you happy? No. The days of living a lie are over.

As the vibration of humanity rises, you will no longer be able to tolerate lies from anyone. That starts in you and extends out to everyone else. Anyone who is “sensitive” to energy or feelings will pick up on the lie in a heartbeat. In a sense you are becoming human lie detectors. Children can already do it. Watch a child when you tell them something that is not completely truthful and you will see disbelief in their eyes. You may also feel their trust slipping away. They may no longer believe what you say. What they heard and what they felt did not match.

There was a time on the planet when you were so deep into fear that you could act as if you were on autopilot, not knowing what you were doing. Because of the level of love energy on the planet now it is impossible to not feel it differently. When you do something that does not resonate with the higher vibration you will literally feel it in some way. It may be discomfort in the body or unrest in your emotional state, but feel it you will.

Living in the heart makes life a totally different experience. No longer can you blame anyone for anything – EVER…………not your parents……………not your friends……………not your ancestors………….NO THING -NO BODY.

When you take ownership of your own feelings and live in your heart something magical happens. You come to know that you are no longer a victim. For some of you this will give you a freedom you never knew. It will be exhilarating. For others there may be fear and disappointment. As horrible as being a victim can be, for many there has been comfort in it. You did not have to look at yourself. That will no longer be possible.

You will know everything in your life is being created by you to see what you need to see – so you can make choices that make your life happier, healthier and more joyful. You needed to see why you were making choices that keep you in pain so you could change them. Sometimes you created situations that were so painful you could not miss them. It is when you see them that you chose to move past them.

When you look around you at the world right now you see many people surrounded by the confusion of the old choices they have made. They are low vibrations of fear and can no longer stay pushed out of sight. That is why it is all coming out now – so it can be let go. Allow it to pass. PLEASE let it pass.

Do NOT get caught up in thinking the fear is growing. It is the release of this fear that looks bigger as it emerges from everyone. It is much like an eruption from a volcano. When the dust and ash settle, you can clear away the debris and move forward into pristine territory.

Make a choice to find the fearful beliefs keeping you from living in joy. Choose to let go of the debilitating beliefs. You not only create a happier life for you, but for the world also. Each time you find and let go of a belief that you are less than Divine Spirit you do it for humanity. There is no way any longer that you can go through life without feeling the connection between all things.

By the end of this year you will all be moving into an experience of waking up to the world around you, looking around and asking what you can do to help fix the problems you created. Those of you reading this right now are ahead of the pack, so to speak. You are doing it now. Because of you the rest of humanity can find it easier to do it too.

This is no small part you play in this great life here on Planet Earth. Many of you worked very hard to get here for this time, so you could be part of this evolutionary shift. You are playing your part beautifully and adding to the shift in ways you have not fully understood. Many of you think you are not doing enough. Every time one of you makes a choice for love, ten more do the same – then a hundred, a thousand, a million………and on and on. Because of YOU!

If you find it easier for the next few months as the “dust and ash” are flying around, be an observer of yourself. Take the time to see if there is anything you can do to release any old beliefs in you that keep you stuck. This is the time to do exactly that. Use this time to get ready for the time ahead. Practice living in your heart. Be true to you. Choose love for yourself and let it flow out to the universe. Others will get it.

It is the purest of joy and love that we share with you each moment. Take this in. Allow for this love to fill you to overflowing and let it flow out to those around you. It may feel soft and fuzzy at times and it may feel hard and harsh as you hand over responsibility for another back to them and walk away. It is all love.

It is with the greatest honor and respect that we take our leave for now. Thank you for allowing us to be with you and love you as we do.

The Angelic Council & Healers of LIGHT