Living in Harmony

by , under Angelic Readings

As we move into the new experience of humanity, we are faced with many challenges. One of them is how to live with each other in peace. As borders become less and less noticeable with people traveling more, we need to find the answers that will allow for peaceful, loving communication and balance.

It was our great pleasure in the last month to visit such a place. Sint Maarten, in the Netherlands Antilles, is a place where many peoples from many lands come together and live in harmony. This is a preview of what our future will look like. They may see themselves as less than this, but people always see their own environment with flaws. Outsider sees none of them. We see only the beauty and potential that exists.

Does that mean there will be no problems as the adjustment period for humanity evolves? No. There are always issues as different beliefs and qualities merge. What is so very important is that you keep an open mind and accepting attitude. When you know that your opinions and ways of living are just that – yours – then you are able to accept the fact that others have their own and they are equally unique and important to them. It does not mean you have to give up your own. Living in harmony means that you can keep your own beliefs AND honor those of everyone else.

When we look into what you call your future and see what is ahead for you, we see just this happening and it is coming sooner than you know. It is now time to take a look at yourselves and see if you have the open mind we speak of. Are you willing to accept everyone else’s beliefs? Are you able to live next door to someone of different color, religion, or belief?

Are you ready to live with someone, or next to someone, who dresses differently than you? Do you listen to others who believe something vastly different than you without having to change them to see things your way? Can you accept that there is not a right or wrong way in any of this?

You have been living in a world where duality was king. If your belief was correct, all others had to be wrong. This is no longer acceptable. All truths are true! What is true for you may very well not be true for your next-door neighbor. AND, that is OK. That is perfect.

The small world you have been living in is no longer. The internet is one of the things being brought to you to get an overall picture of what is to come. All things are here at the touch of a button. Things you wish to know are brought to you instantaneously. Information is shared immediately. You ask and it is answered. This is the physical example of how you connect in the non-physical sense.

As you grow more open and accepting with your thoughts and beliefs, you will open the communications between each other. Your thoughts go out to the Universe. Thoughts are energy. As you become more and more sensitive to this energy, you begin to pick up these thoughts and they connect to others. Before you know it, you find yourself with the answer to your thought. Sounds like the internet, does it not?

All things are connected and you are now becoming aware of this. You are becoming more and more open to the intuitive abilities you possess. When you begin to use this in every-day life, you begin to co-create with the Universe in ways you only dreamed of.

To do this, you must be open to new possibilities AND to merging your ideas and knowledge base with those around you. This is where it is crucial that you are open to people with other beliefs and ideas. One of you with a narrow mind set will only bring a piece of your picture. When you merge this with ideas and belief sets from others around you, you create a much more whole picture. This will bring health and an experience of joy for life that will be missing otherwise.

So, this brings us back to how you learn to open your minds and live in harmony. This first, and most crucial of all, is to admit to yourselves that your way is not the only way. Without being open to other ideas and beliefs, you will get nowhere, feel cut off from the world, alone and lonely. This is the separation you have been feeling since you incarnated as human beings. This is the belief that you are separate from your Creator, God, Higher Power, or whatever name you put on the consciousness that is All That Is. It is eternal, never ending, never beginning and forevermore.

As long as you believe you are separate from this consciousness, you will experience the world as frightening and you will have to defend yourself from it. You will experience a feeling of lack, as if there is never enough. There will be better than and less than. These things have been the basis for greed and war and they are just a few of the things that have powered your world.

You are now moving into a world of inclusion where differences are just seen as additions to the beauty of the whole. As you become more aware of, and more comfortable with these differences, you will become less fearful of others. Less than and more than become things that no longer apply. There will always be enough because Earth always creates more than enough for everyone. It has been humanity that horded things and made them unavailable to others because they feared not having enough for themselves.

As you become united again with those around you, these things will become less and less important. You will begin to share what you have, knowing there will always be more. AND, then something magical happens. As you give and share with others, others will give to and share with you. What you give out you get back. That is a Universal Law of Creation.

As you allow for differences and HEAR what they are, you open your own minds to take the best of what they have and add it to your own beliefs. This makes your experience even more whole and happy. As you do this, fear begins to fall away and something called trust steps in. Trust has always been a part of your world, but you have often chosen to trust the world will hurt you instead of trusting it will not. Choose to trust in love, not fear.

As your world seems smaller and travel “opens up” the world to you, you will begin to see that your next-door neighbor is not just across the street. That neighbor is on the opposite side of the Earth, but they do not seem so far away and different any longer. This is the change of which we speak. This is the “neighborhood” you are moving into.

You can do this with fear and create fighting such as you have been doing throughout your history. You also can do this with love instead of fear and choose to trust your neighbor to bring you a wholeness and richness of experience that you have never known before.

Try this for yourself. Look around you and see if you are fearful that someone will hurt you, take something away or keep you from your own happiness. Then dare to change these things, even if you have to do this one step at a time, slowly but surely. See for yourself what happens in your life experience. What you find out when you choose to trust in love may surprise you.

As always, it is such a joy to bring you our perspective of where you are going. You can choose to do this with love in your hearts or you can choose to do it with fear. Please, PLEASE choose love. The world is changing. You cannot avoid this. It will become united in ways you only dreamed of. You can make this a smooth, easy transition or you can make it fearful and less comfortable. The choice is yours.

Find places in your world where you can experience what it feels like to be in that future now. Create more places where everyone can come together in acceptance and equality. Make a place for you to experience what it feels like to love and be loved for who you are, exactly as you are. No judgment. No need to be anyone or anything you think the world wants you to be. Be the highest version of who YOU are and do it joyfully, without fear.

Find what makes you tick. What makes your heart sing? When you have found that, sing it out to the world. Teach the world your song as you learn other songs from those around you. Create a symphony of songs that meld and blend into a beauty that staggers your imagination.

This you can do. This you will do. You can do it now, or do it later, but do it you will.

It is with the greatest of honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day. Keep each other in the light of truth as you do the same for yourself. Let that light grow until it is one great beacon for the Universe. And so it is and will ever be.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT