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July 4th – On this day of independence that is so very important to Americans, we will tell you a story that goes beyond your former way of belief about what independence truly is. Today we’d like to talk about independence and what it means to you. It is a concept and it is a birthright. Your forefathers got that one right, AND the people of your country mistook it for a political concept alone. They missed the knowing that it is a spiritual concept as well.

You have believed for millennia that independence means separating yourself from everyone else and holding within yourself only your own thoughts and beliefs. No one can tell you what to do and nobody can dominate you in any way, shape or form.

Independence is not just a means of being separate from another’s control, but yet the ability to be totally within your own while you are connected to all others. Independence and dependence only depends on your perception of it. They are so intertwined that they are two sides of the same one coin.

To be independent you are by no means operating on your own. You are operating under your own power, which is a union with God/Holy Spirit/ All That Is. In this sense you are still dependent, but this time it is a dependence on yourself. You are not alone. Never were. Never can be.

What does it mean to be independent? It means that you are not dependent on any source outside yourself. When your forefathers fought to break away from the English, they were fighting to break away from what they perceived as an outside source. The source of which we speak is not separate from you. It is you.

As your world becomes more and more aware of its beginnings and its own birthright, you will all begin to remember that you are not just the individual I that you see yourselves as, but yet the group We of humanity. You are not separate from them, but part of the same one energy that unites you in every way. Your brother is your right arm. Your perceived enemy is your left.

You are all Starborn energy. You look at the stars, see far distant twinklings and do not remember that you are made of the same energy as they. Everything in your universe, your multiverse and beyond, is one and the same. All of the same stuff, so to speak. Anything else is not possible.

So, this brings us to the deeper meaning of dependence and independence. How can they be separated? One is dependence on something or someone outside yourself and the other is dependence on yourself, which is All There Is anyway. How can you be separate from yourself? Confusing at best to the most educated of human minds.

This is why we are asking you to take this out of your heads. Be out of your minds with this. Put this in your heart, where all knowing comes from, where you meet with God/Goddess/Great Father, whatever name you choose to call him/her/it. FEEL it in the very core of your heart, your feeling body and allow it to vibrate in your very physical cells. This will tell you your truth. Who are you? What do you believe?

Remember, there is no right or wrong in any belief or choice, there are only belief and choice. Each one will bring you to a different experience of it and so the mystery and joy of the journey you are on. This is why we say it is not the destination that is important, but your experience of it on the journey to that destination. This is where all learning happens, all wisdom unfolds, and all knowing is remembered.

The next time you find yourself feeling like you have not your independence, we ask you to do something. We ask you to look at the situation from a few feet back, much as your great painters have done, so you can see the whole picture and not just the details you’re stuck in. Is the lack of independence you feel from within or from a perceived outside source? We believe you will find it is always from a source you perceive to be outside yourself. Another person. Another country. Someone else’s beliefs and rules.

Remember, from here we see only one thing. You are the God-Light that is all things. We see you as shining, bright light, all connected to each other yet separately experiencing all you chose to do when you went there. From where you are, you see each other as physical bodies, each separate from one another. From there, there is a belief you can be dependent on or independent from each other. We cannot see that from here, as you are all one shining light, made up of billions of shining lights, all connected. Can you be separated from one another? In your experience of that world, yes. In reality of who you are, no.

Your world has lived for eons with a war mentality. This is created upon the belief you are separate and thus one becomes better than/less than another. This brings the belief that you need another to complete yourself, leading to the belief in dependence or its flip side, independence. This also leads to the belief that one can dominate another so you must become independent from it. Only if you are separate does this even make sense.

Your world is waking up. You are beginning to see and feel the truth of these words and yet you find yourself caught up in the dynamic of the old program. The next time you feel dominated or controlled by someone you perceive to be separate from yourself, ask yourself what it is in you that is missing. What is it that you believe you need from “outside” that will complete who you are? Why are you drawing it to you so you can feel complete?

Stand back. Look at the canvas you are painting and feel the independence of unity, for it is in unity that you can be completely free. These are the things your forefather’s knew. These are the things your great constitution was written and built upon. Take the time, Make the time to remember these truths and apply them in your own personal world and allow that to flow out to your global world. These are the things that will heal your personal world and your global world as well.

We hope we’ve helped to make this concept a little clearer for all of you. As with all things in your world, they feel very real for you in the experience and we see them as the illusion you have created to learn and grow from the experience.

EnJOY your independence and remember, this is your world, both personal and global and it is within each of you that true independence can be played out. Do you choose to do it from a perspective of separateness where everyone outside yourself is a threat, or do you choose to do it from a perspective of unity where everyone can learn to live in harmony together. This is true independence. Living together in total harmony as one.

And so it is……………………
The Angelic Council of LIGHT