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When we talked to you last month it was about your role in the New World Order. As Humanity changes to a higher version of itself you are being asked to hold a higher version of yourselves. Last time we spoke of this we told you it was time to create consciously. No longer can your world be held together with chewing gum and “masking” tape.

This day we speak to you of new ways that you will be seeing your world. You have always seen your world in a form that has become familiar to you in the three dimensional perspective. We are asking you now to expand on that perspective and begin to see it more openly.

To do this we ask you to stand back from your creation and look at it as if it were a whole creation, not the parts that you created, one at a time. It is the same perspective that the great painters have used. When you stand too close to a picture and see the brush strokes, it is not possible to see the whole thing and get a feeling of what the whole scene before you truly is. We do not want you lost in the brush strokes, the details of your lives.

When you stand back and observe this picture of yourself from a distance you are able to take in the whole scene and get a feel for you that is very different than the detail you stand in. That is because you are not caught up in the detail. It is the detail, the brush stroke that holds the memories and colors of your experience in the creation of that stroke.

When you look at the “big picture” of the world, you are seeing and feeling the combined work of humanity. You are seeing and feeling the emotions and thoughts of all the people who applied their own brush strokes to the masterpiece before you. Looking at it, feeling it from this perspective changes the reaction to it and your view of it, more directly than you imagine.

In the masterpiece of the world, your personal masterpiece is but a brushstroke in the whole.

Looking at something from a distance allows you to detach yourselves from the picture in such a way that you can use a key to unlock the lock that kept you stuck in a one-dimensional view of seeing the masterpiece through the stroke. It expands your vision to see everyone else’s strokes and then the whole picture without the individual strokes.

This is what is necessary to bring your world into the light of the new day of love, the light of the new day of your experience of your world. It is time for all of you to begin to do this and to do this you must now make a choice to let go of your attachment to the limited view you have been experiencing.

For some of you it will be easy. For others of you it will seem quite challenging to do this. The reason is that some of you prefer to be caught up in the emotional attachment, the drama of the situations. Drama can feel very enticing. It can feel exciting in a way that detachment cannot fill. Detachment, to those who thrive on drama, may feel boring, dull and empty when it is no longer there.

When this happens, first recognize that you are feeling as if something is missing. When you feel bored, restless and realize you are looking for dramatic events in your life, please stand back and look at the whole picture. Where is the missing stroke? What can you replace it with so the whole picture feels complete?

Humanity has lived an existence of drama for eons. It is what has kept you feeling alive because you have believed that life came from outside yourselves. Oh, yes, you believed that there is a higher power that exists “out there” but you never realized that the higher power exists within you. It IS you AS WELL AS out there. It is All That Is. It is Everywhere, everywhen, everything………….forever.

So, where does this leave you today? It leaves you with the task of detachment. How do you detach from the dramatic view of life itself? It is both more and less challenging than you believe. More and less? Both are not only possible but true, as all truths are true.

The first way to detach from your old way of living your world is to see it differently and to do that you must do as the great artists have done, step back and see the whole picture. Feel the whole picture and feel what resonates in your own hearts. Does it feel good? Does it feel like it is jangling a nerve in you? What is the overall feeling you get from the picture?

When you have found what that feeling is, make a choice to see the brush stroke that brings you this discordant feeling. Allow this feeling to resonate within you to the highest degree you can. Allow it to flow as it did when the stroke (it is your stroke) was painted with the fresh, flowing paint………………..AND, allow it to flow right off your canvas and out of the picture. It is this feeling you allow to flow again that removes it from the picture. In doing this it changes the whole picture and THAT is no longer the same. It is different in your masterpiece……….and it changes the world masterpiece to hold more light also.

If this sounds much like last month’s lesson of creating consciously it is because it is very similar. It is an expansion, an addition to that first principle. Creation begins with a belief. Then a thought develops and focus takes it to a place you would like it to go. Doing this unconsciously creates a picture that will sit in the back of the room throughout history. The picture painted consciously will hang in the museums of eternal being.

So. First comes awareness. Step back from the picture of life and look at it from the perspective of a great painting. Do NOT allow yourselves to get caught up in the brush strokes, the emotional debris that is attached to each stroke. When the whole picture feels out of balance and uncomfortable, look to the stroke that holds the discordant emotion. Then consciously let the emotion flow out of the picture. Do not hold onto the stroke or try to analyze how it happened or hang onto the emotion that feels so alive, as when it was painted.

When you are through removing the emotion by allowing it to flow once again, it is time to replace the stroke with a new one. This time replace the empty spot with light. It is a simple step and we do not want you stressing about how to do that. For now, just think of filling it with the highest loving feeling you can. Don’t worry about how it looks. It will flow into the space and unite the surrounding strokes as a masterful stroke applied by the masters. No gap will be seen or felt. This is something we will be talking about at a later time but it is important to know this much now.

So, for now, please know that you are doing masterful work. Each of your world’s masters started as a novice. Each one had a room full of paintings that were either repainted upon or burned when the artist was not happy with them. This is what you are doing as we speak. You are creating the masterpiece of your lives. As each one of you finds the masterpiece no longer representing who you are, recreate the masterpiece. And, last but NOT least, to do that you MUST detach from the old one so you can be free to create the new one.

This is your lesson for this month of your year. Practice it. Stand back from the easels of your life paintings. Observe them from a distance and see and feel them as a whole. Follow the steps above and create yourselves again.

Next month we will give you the next step in becoming the New Human. As you evolve into a higher version of yourselves you will experience life differently. This is not something to be feared, but yet something to be celebrated. You are all pioneers, going across the great vast country you live in, covered wagons billowing in the wind. AND, this time you are removing the covers that not only protected you, but held you back. Protection not only kept you safe, it kept you from yourself, the world and life itself. (Just a thought to mull on for a while.)

It is with great love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. As always, know that we see you as the masterpiece that you truly are. It is you who sees you differently. We see only light………and love.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT