Connecting the Dots

by , under Angelic Readings

This sounds like a strange title, but it’s time to see how the things we’ve been talking about for so long fit together. We have been speaking for the last few years about co-creation and the evolution of humanity. It is now time to see what it all means in practical, every-day terms.

Where you have been is NOT where you’re going. The way you’ve been doing things is about to change considerably. This is no longer your “grandmother’s reality”. Your experience of everything is changing, even time as you know it. Space takes the same importance in that scenario. Since time and space are interconnected, one cannot be affected without the other doing the same.

What once seemed like it would take forever, now is being experienced in the blink of an eye. You look back at where you’ve been and wonder how you got where you are. The way you lived your life for many, many years, has been a dot in your reality. It is the experience of time. Time has allowed you to move forward in what seemed like a linear approach to your future. Is this true? Yes – and No. Time as you know it is only linear in your dimensional experience of it.

Time is the experience of movement in space. Since space is shifting, time is changing. If you could ask Einstein, he would explain it all to you, but you will have to take our word for it. So………what is the next step, the next dot?

The next dot is the experience of where you are now. You are in a period of “extended time”. What does that mean? It means that you may feel that you are in a state called “suspended animation”. You know you are there. You know you are moving. It may feel like if you tripped and fell, it would take you several minutes to hit the ground. It is a state in which you are in this world, but may not feel connected to it.

For some of you this may not be traumatic at all. For others, it may feel as if you are losing your grip on reality, perhaps even your sanity. We assure you, it is intact. In the physical experience, it may feel like you are swaying, in motion all the time, but going nowhere. You also may feel somewhat disoriented and a bit nauseated at times. You may experience moderate to severe ringing in the ears and a sense of overexcitement in your cells.

You may feel like your body does not match the speed of the world around you. It may show itself as either being stuck with your feet in mud, or going so fast the world around you seems to be in slow motion. Either of these is possible. You may feel like you’re “coming out of your skin”, like you have a thousand ants crawling inside your body.

What is the next dot? That is the one that takes you to a place where you match your surroundings. How do you get there? How do you find that dot? Take the time – make the time – to quiet your mind and your body. It is time to align your physical body with the world around you. To do this is not as difficult as you may think. It is a matter of listening to peaceful music, walking in nature or spending quiet time with friends. It is necessary to quiet body, mind and soul.

It is time to reevaluate your priorities. Find what means the most to you. Take into account the things that you feel you MUST do. Then look at what you WANT to do. Do they match? Can you find a way to merge the two? It is crucial that you find a way to merge the worlds you live in. One of them is the one in which you feel driven to be in, usually for financial reasons, but perhaps for your idea of success or self-worth. The other is the one that drives your heart, sings your soul-song and represents the passion that is you at the very core of your soul.

Without this step, it will not be possible to get to the next dot. This is the one that is most important to humanity at this time. Without calling the lie of the life you have been living, the one that lives for everyone else’s idea of who you need to be, you have no way of stepping into the one that represents the highest vibration and love within your heart. Without stepping into your truth, you can only stay stuck in the experience that drags on, day by day, getting nowhere.

It is crucial that you step into the experience that most truly represents the things you love the most. That will bring you to the next dot. That dot is the one that accelerates your life into an experience of joy. That is the one that raises your vibration to the highest you can hold as a human. That also brings you to the next highest choice that elevates the world around you. It is that dot, that step that will change your world the most.

It is time to take stock of where you are in the process of evolution. Look at these dots and see where you are. Look closer and feel them in your heart. Are you where you want to be? Are you in a place that feels joyful? Do you feel in sync with the world around you and is it going at a speed that does not match your own?

The more in sync you are with the world around you, the more comfortable your evolution will feel. As more and more of you move with the flow of these changes, the easier it will be for humanity. The more you become attuned to the vibration of love and joy, the more it will spread out to the world and you will see the changes “out there”. The world is a mirror for your own process.

Please use this mirror to see where you are. Do NOT think what you see in that mirror is someone else. It is a direct reflection of you. There is nobody to blame for what you see. Look into that mirror and use it to see what you like, or don’t like, and make choices to change YOUR actions, lifestyle and beliefs. This will change what you see in that mirror. The mirror can’t smile until you smile into it.

There will be many more dots appearing as you move into the new experience of who you are. It’s as if they will begin to appear out of thin air. Some things you cannot see until you are close enough to them to notice. Do not try to get from beginning to end in one step. It will not happen. You get there by taking each step and getting closer and closer as you go. Things come into view as you approach them.

Know that you are NOT alone. We are with you with each step. We are guiding you as you go. Take the time – make the time – to notice everything at each step. Do not get so busy looking ahead (or back) that you miss where you are. Make the choice for your next step, your next dot, as you stand in each place you approach. Feel the happiest choice for the next step and go toward that one as if it were the only choice.

If it does not feel great when you get to the next dot, choose again and take the next step. Do not choose to blame yourself if it does not go where you “expect” it to go. Simply say “Well, that didn’t go as well as I hoped” and choose again. Keep it simple. No blame. No regrets. Choose again. Re-write the script!

We hope this has helped you to see where you are and how to follow the dots along your evolutionary path.

Know you are never alone and we are with you every step along the way. It is with the greatest of love, honor, respect and joy that we take our leave this day.

We love you with each step. We see nothing be light and beauty beyond your wildest imagining. Know that is who you are and choose to see the same in you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT.