Angelic Reading for the New Year

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January 1, 2009

We are here today to tell you a little story. Most stories are told in retrospect, or in the past. This one is about what’s ahead.

As you know, things have been accelerating for quite some time. It is now about to take off at a speed you hardly imagine. Time as you know it is changing to a less finely defined entity. You have noticed that time seems to be going much faster and many of you have chosen to believe that it is because you are becoming older. This was once the case, but even children are now noticing that time is speeding along. This is because you are experiencing time differently, not so much that time itself is changing.

Here on the other side there is no time. Time is something that is only experienced in space and space is a construct that has been designed for you to experience. We do not have experience here as you do. Think of us here as being in the dream state all the time. Everything here is done on a thought level, but we have no physicality to play it out with. You have the physicality and choose to throw the importance of it aside.

Physicality is what makes experience, as you know it, possible. Honor that. Cherish that. USE that to bring you not only to, but through all the baggage that you hold. We have baggage too, but only on a spiritual plane. When we are here we have to work with only the thought level. You have thought and action. Use it well.

We tell you this because it will soon be within your power to merge these entities into one unit. You first experience situations that bring up your inner feelings. These feelings allow you to find your hidden baggage, which is your left over traumatic experience from this and other lifetimes. The next step has been to find a way to release this hidden baggage. This has been done with counseling, energy work or other ways of releasing it. Remember that this hidden baggage is energy. It is stored in the DNA and awaits your discovery so you can release it. It is that simple.

Next comes the new experience the release allows. Next time you are in a situation where there is no longer hidden, compacted energy, the experience is different. You can now have these experiences without having to live them the old, conflicted way. Without these blockages you are open to live life with a more conscious way of choosing. Without the old pictures flying in your faces, you can choose what experience you would like to put in place of the old patterning.

This may seem like a small detail, but it is the base and the core of all behavior and all things in your physical reality. It is how your matrix was set up to experience, learn and grow. Use this well my friends, use this well.

Why does time come into the equation here? It is time that has allowed for the linear sequence of events that helped you grow and evolve. It is now becoming more circular. Time is NOT linear. That is how you have experienced it however and you are now feeling it change.

You saw things as ahead of you and behind you. We tell you now that there is only NOW. You can never be anywhere else but in the now. You can only FEEL it differently. So…………..what is “ahead” of you is a new experience of time. As you move into experiencing your life from the perspective of NOW, everything changes. What seemed big before will no longer sustain that view. What seemed unimportant may now seem huge. When you stand where you are and see from that point of perception, everything changes.

Why do we tell you these things? It is important that you understand what is happening so you can more fully live it. Life as you know it in physicality was designed for you to experience, making it possible for you to evolve and grow.

You have done this with flair and with “gusto” for life that is so much more important than you have realized. It is the enthusiasm, the energy beneath all your actions that has brought to you what you experience. Think of it this way, when you “put out” energy (which is thought and belief), you attract back to you exactly what you project out. This is your mirror and is how you see what you are putting out.

Instead of seeing what you put out as exactly that, you believed that the reflection was the action of the one reflecting it back. Thus you blamed the one reflecting it back and created your enemies. It is much like Jesus being killed for bringing the message people did not want to hear. They put out there for something better and when it came back it was more than they understood. Instead of listening to the message, they killed the messenger.

Look. Listen. Feel what is coming back to you. Know that whatever it is, it is there for your own growth, both personally and globally. This is what is happening on your world as we speak. The experience of time is shifting to a more clear vision of reality.

The “game” of physicality is changing. There was a time you believed you were the only ones in the universe, and even a time you believed that world was flat. As you know, these things changed with your wider understanding and experience of your world. These changes continue as you see a bigger and greater world. You are creating it as you go and you are creating a world that is admirable indeed and in deed.

What you will see as you make these changes will not initially look like that. What you will see is chaos and darkness arise. This is because as the light expands it shines so brightly that the darkness (stuffed fear that shows itself as hatred, bigotry, anger, etc.) is “shaken” from its foundations and out of control in front of you. See this for what it is………… that is shaken loose and will pass as it is helped to move into the light.

This is the job of all of you. It is up to you to hold as much light as you can. Feel it as love, compassion, helpfulness, and all the wonder-filled things you will be feeling more fully. As you do this, as you put out a hand of help to those in need, you are helping the light to grow.

This has already begun and it is growing incrementally. Each person who chooses to be the light, to hold that lantern high for others to see, it is growing beyond what you see. Each one person who does this brings it to ten more. Those ten bring it to 100. Those 100 to 1000. This is how it is growing and we are in awe of you for this and many other things.

We have never witnessed these things happen in this way before. The message of light and love that was brought to your planet thousands of years ago by your great teachers has germinated and is taking hold. By mid to late 2009 humanity will be able to see, hear and hold this energy at a base level.

Put out your hand to another. Hold a hand. Listen to a friend. Give support. Know that the darkness will pass as the ability to see the light grows and expands. Be a part of that. BE the lightbearer and feel the love that is expanding. Allow that feeling of love, that excitement of a coming peace be your guide. Be that example for others who are stuck in their pain. Let them see how you walk through the fire and into the peaceful arms of all encompassing love. It is yours to do because you are able to do so, and because you ARE the love that you shower on others.

This is a day of reflection for mankind. It is the beginning of a new year on your calendar and with it comes a looking back at what you have been and done. We tell you now. Let go of what is behind you; it no longer serves you. Do not look ahead to what may be. Look to today. Be here today and be the highest version of yourself that you can be. That is what will create the “future” you have envisioned. You do not do it by planning for the “future, but by BEING the now.

It is with great love and honor that we take our leave this day of your time.
Feel our love, respect and joy in your presence,
The Angelic Council of LIGHT