A Great Time of Change

by , under Angelic Readings

As you move into the year 2011, you are entering into an experience of life that has never been done before. The year you now feel moving within you is a time of movement and speed that is unprecedented in your world. There are many changes we see as high probabilities for your next twelve months. These are just a few.

First, we see a time of upheaval, not in the sense of destruction, but in construction. As you move into the higher vibration of this time, the old, denser vibrations of emotional traumas that have been stuffed in your DNA are being removed. This does NOT have to be a difficult transition. If you remember that the old beliefs and patterns you carried are just that – old – it will be easier to let them go as they raise their heads to be seen.

To do this, feel the emotions that are being released from your body. Feel them as pure energy. Do NOT put a story on the feelings. If you get caught up in the fear of the story as you did when you avoided it long ago, remember it has no more power except what you give it. It has no inherent power or meaning. It is just energy. Let it go as energy.

To do this, allow the feeling to vibrate in your body. Recognize it only as a vibration and notice what it does as you let it flow. As you free it from its old place in the DNA, it dissipates and is no more. The only thing that can keep it there is your fear OF it, belief IN it, or a choice to keep it. Period.

We know this is perhaps not what you wanted to hear as you begin your journey into this next year. It is, however, the truth as we know it.

There has never been a time in your world when so much could move in such a short period. This is because your personal and combined vibrations as humanity are raising at speeds never seen before. We have just told you what that will be like for you. What it will look like in your world is a little different.

To look from your own perspective, you have to see through eyes that are colored with your own beliefs. These are your “filters”. As you let go of the filters with your old patterns and beliefs, you begin to see more clearly and are able to move forward much more easily.

What you will see around you is chaos. You will see this in your friends, family and associates. There will appear to be an increase of drama around you. This is the release of these old energies as seen from a small group of people. In masse, you will see it play out as fear of moving forward and confusion about where to go. You are all feeling a pull to “do something” and most of you do not yet know what that is. These are things that will become clear as the debris of old issues leaves your bodies.

What can you do during this time of intense change? You can allow your own process to take front row center in your world. The more you let go of, the more you can let others see how it is done. This will help in more ways than you know. As you move forward, you are the examples and teachers for the rest of the world. It starts with you. From there it grows to those you know. From there it grows exponentially to those that others know. An on it goes.

The biggest thing we ask of you is that you do not get caught up in fear. This is a great time of change and many of you have feared change. Change is NOT a bad thing. It is all there is! You change in every moment, whether you know it or not, and whether you try or not. Your body changes its cellular structure as we speak. Old cells die. New ones are created. The same happens on all levels of your reality. It is perfect.

We are all waiting to help you in whatever way you believe you need it. Ask us. Call us. Think of us. Feel us with you at all times. Remember in darkness, what you know to be true in the light. We are with you not only in easy times, but in the difficult ones as well. Know that. Feel that. Remember that.

We know for many of you that this is review. It does not matter if you have heard it once or a thousand times. It is now time to embody this knowing. It is time to live it. It is time to walk the talk.

Look toward the sun and feel it on your face. Allow yourself to be warmed by the energy that creates. Do not stay in the density of the past because it has felt familiar. It is time to be brave, to move out of your comfort zones and take risks with your growth process. You are more than you believed yourself to be. It is your view of your own lives that have kept you from seeing your beauty. We see only beauty and light. It is now time for you to do the same.

We ask for your trust. As you see some of the chaos around you, you may be tempted to think there is no hope of a bright, beautiful future for your world. There is. It is always, all ways, your choice to believe in hope or despair. You see what you believe. When you believe in darkness and fear, you will see it in everything around you. When you believe in hope and love, you will see that instead. CHOOSE JOY. It will change not only your experience of your own life, but the potential of humanity.

We know we have given you much to think about for the beginning of this auspicious year. Please allow these things to filter into your awareness. Do not only think about them, but feel them in your heart. That is where the wisdom lies.

Know that we are with you in every way possible, in every moment. Hold true to your faith and trust in the world you are creating with love and joy. Know you CAN do this. It is only hard to do so if you believe it is.

It is with great honor that we take our leave this day. It is 1-1-11 in your world. This is a day of very high power. It is a day that signifies a creative force within your world that will not be stopped. Use it well. Create with love in each moment. Love others as we love you. And most of all, love yourself!

The Angelic Council of LIGHT