Loving YOU

by , under Angelic Readings

Because of all the changes in the world as you grow from Homo-Sapien to Homo-Luminous, we find it necessary to help you make the transition more easily. First, you need to know that you are still living in an experience of separation. So much so that you have even separated your body, spirit, soul and mind. We are here to set the record straight.

You are, in essence, your Soul. It is experienced in your world as your energy body, physical body and your mind (ego). Are these separate things? NO. These are all who you are. Your Soul, energy body, is all of the above. It is the manifestation of your physical body that makes you believe these are all separate pieces.

Let’s start with your Soul / Energy Body. It, in a physical world, extends out about 55 feet around you when you are in a state of love. It mingles and intermingles with your universe and everyone else’s as well. This is vibrating at a level that is too high to maintain mass. It cannot be physical.

The part of the Energy Body, or energy field that is you, that can lower its vibration low enough to become mass, becomes your physical body. You can see it, touch it, feel it, taste it and smell it. You also have a belief that it is separate from you when, in fact, it IS you. It is your Soul/ Energy Body, manifested in physical matter.

Your mind is the consciousness of your soul. This is what you use to help you survive, and thrive, in your world. It has cognitive abilities and the ability to learn and grow. It is self-regulating. It has over a long period of time in your world, developed a belief that it is your boss. It tells you what to do, how to look and what is right and wrong. You know it as ego and at times, you have let it control your every thought and action.

It is your Soul that you see as connected to the creator. You believe this is separate from your body because you believe you ARE your body. It is a great circle of separation that keeps you from seeing the beauty and light that is truly you. That is what we see. We see all of you as light.

Because of the belief that you are your body and it is separate from your Soul and Mind, you have developed very different beliefs about each. Some of that has been the result of many years of mis-information, given to you by your teachers, society and very much from your religious teachings.

You have been taught that your soul is pure and beauty and light. You have been taught that your body is flawed, unhealthy and unclean. You have been taught that your body must look tall, thin and young. And you have been taught that you are unworthy of love.

We watch the destruction these beliefs have done to humanity and it is time to step in and make the record straight. You are your Soul, your Spirit, which is part of the Group Soul of humanity, and then higher to the Group Soul of the Creator itself. As your body is your Soul, manifested in physical matter, it is also pure light and love. It is time you choose to treat your body with the respect you give your Soul.

You abuse your bodies at every step on your path. You believe it is impure and then try to hide it by filling it with foods that are unhealthy. You believe it is flawed so you dress it in things that hide it so no one can see your shame. You over eat; you under eat. You use no makeup because you do not deserve to look pretty, or you use an inch of it to hide your flaws. You use pharmaceuticals to heighten or deaden your feelings. You cause injury to your body as you would to an inanimate object.

You judge yourself about how you look and you judge others for the same. Pink hair is not a crime. It says – “See me. No one sees me for who I am, so I am making a statement.” When you are seen for the beauty you truly are, there will be no need to use shock value to get it. There will just be acceptance and love.

It is time to see you as we see you. It is time to remember who you are. You are light. You are love.

Treat your Body as you would treat your Soul. Honor it. Dress it with respect. Make it pretty. Take pride in who you are and reflect that in your behavior toward yourself. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others. We understand this is a contradiction, but you often treat your animals better than you treat yourselves.

As you make the transition to a higher level of light, you are becoming more aware of the things in you that you don’t like. You see the flaws in the shadows and forget to look at the light that makes the shadow possible. Without light, there would be no shadow. The brighter the light, the more noticeable the shadow. SEE THE LIGHT.

The reason this is so critical now is because without this step, it will be more difficult to let go of the old beliefs that you are keeping prisoner in your DNA. It is all being released as the vibration of humanity raises. It is happening now and it is happening whether you want it to or not.

What is the answer to this? How do you help yourself and others through this transition process? See the beauty and light that you are and then treat yourself with the love you deserve. This will show others how to treat themselves with the love they deserve.

See yourself as a whole, beautiful, light being, for it is absolutely the truth. If your scale says you weigh more than the charts say you need to, love yourself anyway. If you don’t look like the skinny model or the over-muscled jock on the magazine cover, be glad. Rejoice in the uniqueness and beauty of who you are. When you see yourself as beauty and light, you will treat yourself with the respect you deserve and desire a healthier course of action to accomplish that.

Never approach a problem from the view of what’s wrong. Approach it from the love of who you are and allow for that to manifest itself in your life. See yourselves as whole and healthy. Don’t diet or purge because you’re fat. Eat healthy food because you love your body and want to gift it with healthy things. The results will amaze you and the experience will be joyful, instead of a chore.

We leave you with many thoughts this day on who you are and honoring that for yourselves.

It is with great love, honor and respect that we leave you this day. See yourselves as we see you. Love yourselves as you are loved. Know yourselves for the light beings that you truly are.