Choosing Fear or Love

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We are rapidly approaching the time that has been predicted since the Mayans first broached the subject of 2012 and their famous calendar. It is the cause and timing for all of the predictions of Nostradamus and a multitude of others. Does this mean the predictions are correct? Does it mean the end of the world approaches? NO!

The predictions were made on the probability that humanity would follow the path of fear they had been experiencing since time began. This has been done many times before and it was expected that you would not be able to turn yourselves out of the fear mentality before the great time shift in your world. In that sense, they were correct – for what they saw AT THAT TIME! Your Bible did the same.

You have made another choice. As humanity, a species of being, you have made another choice. You have chosen to evolve to a new version of yourself, a being that will hold much more light than was possible so many years ago. Because of this, you are moving from what we call Homo-Sapien to Homo Luminous. We have talked a bit about what that means in your future. What we need to talk about is what it means to you NOW.

You are standing at a fork in your road of evolution. You can choose to continue on your path of fear, or choose to move onto the path of love. The choice is yours. Choosing the path of fear is a continuation of the role you’ve been playing for eons. It will bring you to more war, anger, rage and conflict. This will follow through as the predictions that were given to you so long ago. This is what humanity, collectively, looked at a decade ago and said “No More!” As a race of beings, you chose to take the path of love.

This does not mean you cannot still choose the old path, individually. You have free will. If you want to walk the old ways, stay stuck in old beliefs and patterns, you may choose that experience. What does that mean for you? It means you will watch the fear in the world around you fall apart. AND, it means you will feel the intensity of fear that goes with your choice. Those who choose love will see the old falling apart so the new can replace it with a new foundation. Those who choose fear will experience it with terror and beliefs of the old predictions.

You are watching this play out now. Countries are falling apart; people are fighting and wondering why, even as they pull the trigger. Never before has this been done in such mass. There have always been people willing to kill and die for what they believed in. They are now seeing the insanity of that process and pulling away from killing in any form. They are moving toward love.

It’s time to look deeply at your own beliefs. Do you still consider it beneficial to kill others? Whose war are you fighting? Is this yours? Once you experience the knowing that you are all one, all connected to each other, how can you harm another? He/She is you. How can you cut off your right arm to prove to your left that is worth the hate that destroyed it?

Your news reports the worst of your world. It has been done this way for centuries because it has been thought it is what you prefer. If this is no longer true it is time to let them know. Stand for what you believe. This does not need to be with anger or confrontation. It is a peaceful process of love. Show them that if they continue to advocate hate and fear, you will no longer watch or read their versions of that. When nobody “buys” their products, they will stop making them and create what you prefer.

You have the power to change the world. You ARE changing the world. You do it with every choice you make. It is now, more than ever, imperative that you choose love. Do this in every choice you make. Do it from the beginning of your day to the end. Choose the clothes you wear from love. What represents the highest version of who you are? Choose your food because you love your body. Give it what makes it well. Bring love to your work. This will change the way you feel when you do it and it will greatly enhance the output. Continue this throughout your day. Choose a bedtime that give your body enough time to rest and be healthy.

These may seem like small choices that make little difference, but it is absolutely not true. It is the small things that add up to the whole. It is these things that define who you are and what you are willing to do to create the world you choose. AND, it creates the experience you have while you live it.

The world around you is experiencing the falling apart of the old beliefs. Conflicts are cropping up where the old world of fear and hatred tries so hard to keep its control. It believes that love is weak. It believes there is not enough for everyone and has to have it all. It believes its way is the ONLY way and everyone else must be annihilated. Those who carry the old beliefs are afraid – very afraid.

Love does not do these things. Love knows that there is enough for everyone. There is enough food, water, money, land and love for everyone. It is not being distributed this way because of the fear. This is something you will have power to fix when you choose the path of love.

There is nothing you can do to stop the falling apart. There is something you can do to build upon it. First clear away the rubble. Then build a foundation of love that fills the cracks and becomes stronger than that of hate and fear. Let the love be the mortar that fills those cracks. Let the experience of that love become the bricks that build the temples of love to humanity. These temples are not religious buildings, but monuments of trust and hope, be they actual temples or buildings to house the jobs that fulfill humanity, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What is the most important thing to do right now? Stay out of fear. In no way buy into or attach to the fear that is flying around you by those who are still choosing it. Send love, light and prayers to those still caught in the old ways. Put your hand out to those who are pulling themselves out of the pit of darkness they have been living in. Let go of the fears that have been keeping you stuck in the same pit of darkness. Be brave enough to feel the pain of loss, betrayal, hatred and fear that has defined who you WERE. Then set those feelings free.

Look to the children. They are carrying the light of your future. It is most important that you keep them out of fear. If they see you in fear, they will fear also and it is they who carry the light of your future. See them. Acknowledge them. Smile at them. Let them know they are seen with love and gratitude. Pray for them to get through the chaos of the world without becoming fearful themselves.

They are pure. They carry our light, our hope and our future in their hands. They can hold more love and light in them than any ten of you. Protect them. Hold them safe and loved. There will come a day when they will lead you into the future of love. They will help you clean up the environment. They will teach you to love your world and each other. They have no hate. Please – do NOT teach them how!

So, here you stand at that fork in the road. One path ahead of you turns back to the world where you have been living. Greed, power and wars rule these lands. The other one is loving and kind, but you have no idea what it looks like. It is the unknown. Are you going to choose the old path because it is familiar? Or are you going to walk the path of love, knowing that it will lead you to a world of joy you have never experienced? These are the choices you are faced with as we speak.

Either way you are in a time of deconstruction. This you will experience whichever choice you make. Globally, as a species, you have already chosen to go forward in love. The hate and fear are collapsing. It is falling around you like shrapnel and your own fears are arising from you as well. Earth also is letting go of her own version of that. This is no longer a choice. You DO, however, have a choice about how you experience this time.

Every time you make a choice for love, the path becomes clearer and happier. Every time you make a personal choice for fear, it becomes more terrifying. Think about this. Think hard about this. What do you want to experience? How do you choose to make the transition from Homo-Sapien to Homo-Luminous? Do you want to make it painful or joyful? This choice is yours. This choice will also impact those around you. What do you want for them? Do you want to see them in pain or joy?

It is with the greatest honor, love and joy that we take our leave. Please remember that it is always, all ways, your choices that determine your experience in the world. Also, know you are not alone. We are here with you in any and all ways possible. Feel us with you. Hear us on the breeze and in your mind. We are here. Let us help you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT