Fifth Dimensional Love

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You are entering a time in your world where you are shifting from an experience of love as you know it, to a higher level that is felt in your hearts in a very different way. This level of love will be a very new experience and not to be confused with what you now know. We are redefining love here, or rather, un-defining it. This love has no definitions, it just IS.

Your experience of love now is based on the human body, the physical experience. It is difficult for most of you to separate that physical experience from the underlying feelings of connection at such a deep level. What you now know, is a very small piece of what is coming in within the next year. Let’s take a look at some of the things you may notice, if not beginning to already.

Most of you feel an attachment to someone when you feel love. Because of the mass consciousness belief that there is not enough, you have to hang onto it for dear life. In the process of hanging on, you smother the one thing created to give you the experience of absolute freedom, the object of that love.

Love, at its core, is pure light, pure energy. This is the energy of connection to all things. It is God in essence. When you feel this, there is no need to hold it so others cannot have any. This is the basis for jealousy. Because there is not enough, you have to keep it all for yourself. Anyone else who wants to share that love is a threat and has to be dealt with. Fear of losing what is already yours is a waste of energy.

You cannot lose what you already are. You can only believe you can. Think about what would happen if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have enough, for that is the truth. No one can take love from you. It is to be shared with all of humanity.

Can anyone have what you have? No. Your experience of love is unique to you. No other person can have the same experience of it that you have. You can also not have what someone else has. That experience is unique to the persons who share that. It is a total waste of energy to try to have what someone else has. Jealousy is empty fear.

It will be some time before humanity reaches this level, but when you do, everyone will love everyone else, without fear, blame, envy, guilt, or any other emotion or belief. It will just be pure love. How that love manifests will be different for each and every person.

Most of you by now are probably thinking about how this works in your personal relationships, be they romantic, platonic or neutral. We also want you to expand on this to the area of the world. As you expand this love of equality to everyone, everywhere, you will find that conflict becomes a thing of the past. It is the same for individual relationships as it is for global ones.

Many of you will begin to feel this higher vibration of love in the next year. As this happens it will “kick up” many old beliefs and fears that you carry. Your hearts will be expanding in ways you never thought possible. In the process you may experience palpitations and flashes of heat in the body. It is the expansion of energy as it alters the physical cells and energy body.

Many of you will not believe this is love. Most have a belief of what love looks like. It is the common belief that love has to be soft and gentle, compassionate and accepting of all behavior. Although this can be, it is not always true. It can be manifested as what feels like a very powerful, unyielding truth that holds your feet to the fire. By this we mean that love can be that powerful force that enables you to see the things you need to change and let go of in yourselves. It does not always feel soft and fuzzy.

Love is not always felt as kind. That does not mean it is not love; it is. Love holds us responsible to ourselves. It is the glue that holds the Universe together. Love is the “stuff” that the Universe is made of. It holds everyone as equal. It loves the beggar as it loves the king.

What does this mean on a personal level? How will this affect how you feel in a relationship? It will move you from bondage to freedom. Your fear of losing the ones you love has kept you busy hanging onto them. That keeps you from living your lives in joy. Being held onto by others has kept you in bondage. This new experience of a love that has no such limits allows you to feel a deeper love that has no bounds. With everything to love, there is nothing to lose.

The feeling of love is also different because it is a vibration that is much higher than what you are used to. In the beginning, as it kicks up and releases the old fears, it may not feel like love at all. As the fear is released and you are able to feel deeper in your heart, a connection forms that is unbreakable. That does not mean you have to hold onto it. It is to be experienced with joy. The heart begins to open and expand as never before.

With this new expansion of love in the heart, everything around you begins to look brighter and feels more joyful. You begin to feel YOU in a different way. No longer do you feel alone. Yes, at times you will feel lonely, but never alone. It is inherent in the human experience that you prefer to spend time with others.

Some of you have surrounded yourself with others, or what you believe to be love, to cover up the insecurity you have had because you did not know you already held love within you. You have filled your life with experiences that made you feel love from the outside and wondered why you could not feel happy in the quiet, alone times. Some of you have used sex for the same reason. Sex without love is an empty substitute. Because of this you kept looking “out there” for someone to show you love, so you could feel loved. You already are!

As you become accustomed to the higher vibrations of love, that will change. You will begin to feel joyful in the alone moments. The connection in your heart to All That Is will be so solid that you will need to fill yourself with outside distraction less and less. You will find it easier to be happy.

What about romantic relationships? They will also shift. We have talked about how the attachment will be lessening. With this, there will be more freedom to allow your partner to do what brings him or her joy. AND, you will have the freedom to pursue your own interests. This will bring you more joy as you do more things that represent who you truly are – and this will bring more joy to the relationship.

Conflict will begin to dissolve and disappear. With freedom comes a peace you may have never known. There is no reason to fight for what you think you can lose. There is no reason to fight for what you think someone else has that you do not. You know you have everything you need and there is plenty of it. No one threatens what you have. No one could take it from you if they tried. They could only have their version of it. Yours is safe with you.

What about in the world? As you love everyone, no person, country or world is a threat. No one has something you do not. If you feel threatened, you are seeing things in physical terms, not love. When all people love each other, there will be no lack, for all of you will share what you have. There will be no starvation. No war. The world can work together to create health, prosperity and global communion.

Does this sound like a “pipe dream” to you? Do you hear these words and say this is not possible? If so, you need to open your heart and feel the love that is flowing within. WITHOUT the fear that it will be broken or it will be lost!

We will be infusing a huge amount of this high intensity love to your world over the next year. Feel it. Allow it to release the old fear that blocks it. Refuse to believe that because you have not yet felt it in the world, it is impossible. It is VERY possible. It is happening NOW. Do not allow the fear you see being released color your sight. It is just old fear being released. See the light and love that flows below the surface. Feel that love in your hearts.

Humanity is evolving. You are moving from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous. This means that you are actually creating an evolutionary shift that is changing your cellular structure to hold more light. That is what this love is doing.

There are a few highly evolved souls in your world right now, spiritual pioneers that are here to embody and anchor this energy of fifth dimensional love into the third dimensional earth plane. They are here to alter the morphic field, or mass consciousness. Help them to do this more easily. Help by eliminating the fear in you that is being exposed. This will make it easier to anchor and seat this into the human form.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. Remember that you are the love of which we speak. What you choose to do with that and how you choose to manifest it will be up to you.

We are with you always, in all ways.

The Angelic Council