Speeding along the track – or – Playing on the train!

by , under Angelic Readings

Well, here you are at the most grand of crossroads in human history. You have made it through the turning point at which humanity will move into an entirely new experience of itself. What does that mean to you? Let’s take a look. First of all, you are no longer the same as you were as children. The actual DNA has changed to the point where there is no turning back. The train has left the station.

You are moving so quickly now that we watch with amazement and joy as you speed along that track to a higher dimensional love. Why then do you feel like you are standing still? It feels like that because you are now all going at approximately the same speed. When all things are moving at the same speed, it is impossible to notice a difference. There is no longer a fast train moving past a slow one. When all go one speed, all things feel the same. There is nothing to compare with.

You are nearing the half-way point. As we have said, when 51% of humanity reaches 51% of God consciousness, you will reach the point where you will “flip over” into the 5th dimensional experience. This is the fictional “hundredth monkey or hundredth human” effect. When you reach that arbitrary number of majority, everyone will automatically know what you know. You are now at approximately 44% and moving FAST.

What do you do with this? PLAY. We understand that is not the answer you expected to hear. The reason it is so important is that play, joy, happiness, brings your energy vibration to the highest level it can be. This raises the energy of the world at large and helps others to do the same. Think of it, if you will, as being in the middle of a great wave of energy that is moving you along to new places and experiences you have yet to invent or imagine.

It is this vibration of love experienced as play that will allow the wave to move smoothly, unimpeded, bringing you to the highest version of you that you can imagine yourself to be. It is also this love that will bring you to the highest version of the world you can imagine.

People think that they have to be doing something to help prepare the world for this change. You are already doing it! By letting go of your old beliefs, fears and baggage, you are clearing the way for the world to do the same. It can work no other way.

Many of you are feeling that you are missing something. You are drawn to do something that feels greatly important and you do not know what that is. That is because it has not been time yet for you to know. Only some of you are here to prepare the world for the changes ahead within the next 12 months. Most of you are here to change yourselves so you may help the world after the change occurs.

It is time to ease up the pressure you are keeping on yourselves. Relax. Play. Let go of the things that keep you stuck in fear. Find the old patterns, beliefs and blocks that have kept you in guilt, fear and self-blame. This is what you can do for mankind. Be the change that you see ahead. Dare to find the things you do not like in yourself and choose to change them now. Be brave enough to admit you are afraid. Face that fear and let it go.

What is the easiest way to do that? Play! We keep coming back to the same thing. Raise the vibration of fear to that of love. Refuse to judge yourself for anything you are saying, doing or being, past or present. See everything as lessons you learned along the way and give yourself a gold star for effort. Laugh to yourself. Laugh at yourself, not in disgust or judgment, but in love and acceptance.

You made mistakes? So what??? You did things you would never do again? GOOD. Now you know you will not do them again. Lesson learned. Good job. Pat yourself on the back and move on. Move on!

The point we are making here is to help you to let go of all the things you have judged yourself and anyone else as guilty of. There is nothing in your past that is bad enough to punish yourself for. All of it was to learn what you will do differently now. Without those lessons, you would not be where you are now. Be grateful for the lessons. Move on!

When you have accomplished letting go of these things, you will begin to see “what you want to do when you grow up.” You will begin to see with a clarity that could not be there through all the filters of judgment and fear. You will all be doing this soon, soon indeed.

What do you do next? Dream. Imagine. And what then? Play with the dreams and imagination. Wow – back to play again. See the theme???

We have told you before that you are becoming your own Earth Angels. You are putting us out of a job. In a sense that is true. We have helped guide you for eons and now you are awakening to the realization that you are, and have always been, the creators of your own lives. We did not make your choices for you. We only put circumstances in front of you that you made choices from. You made the choices and created your life experience. By doing that, you created the world you see.

Without all the baggage you have been carrying around, you will have opportunities to see your choices much more clearly. You will be able to see what your choices will create before you choose. You are already beginning to see how quickly this is happening. You say “I hate my job” and wonder why your boss no longer wants you there. You create with the belief that you “put out there”. You create that.

There is a great saying in your world – “Be careful what you ask for because you may get it.” It is coming to the point in your world where you will get it. There is no longer a may get it. As the world becomes clearer of its baggage, the speed of which things manifest will and is becoming immediate. There will be no more lag time between what you put out and what you create.

This is another reason that play is so utterly crucial. As long as you stay in the light of love and laughter, what you put out will create more love and laughter. This is a basic truth you need to understand. What you put out, you get back. Think about this. What do you want to get back? Keep that in mind when you think about hating your job next time. If you truly do then the job is no longer for you. Find something that makes you feel the love and light that is your heart and soul. Find another job before your true feelings create the loss of your old one for you.

You are the creators of your own personal world. You are the creators of the world around you, determined by the choices you make and what you “put out there”. When you create with love and joy, you will get back love and joy. Play with the choices. See them as a child sees. A child will always choose joy unless you have taught him/her it is wrong to do so. Stop telling the child to stop being a child. Stop telling the child in you it needs to be grown up, to be responsible or to fear love. And especially, stop telling the child that the main purpose in life is to make money! Money is NOT more important than love.

Let the child play. If it’s the child in you, run on a beach, build a sand castle, smell a flower, skip, laugh, love everyone. Do not fear those that are different. Let the children teach you how to love again, purely, unselfishly, unconditionally. It is this vibration that will bring out and destroy all the baggage that has accumulated and weighed you down for all these years.

It is with the greatest of honor and love that we take our leave this day. Hold each other in love, not fear. See yourselves as we see you. You are the light of God, shining its glory within and upon each other.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT