Becoming the Light of the Future

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We have talked about the light that is coming to your planet, to humanity and we need to add more to this now. This light is love. It is the Fifth Dimensional Love that we told you about a while back. What is so important about this now is how it is affecting you.

As your old patterns and fear are brought into the light by the higher vibrations of this love, you will be faced with acknowledging and transforming them. They will be showing up in your life in ways you can only imagine. Since we are experiencing humanity with Pat, we can make the point by telling you an experience that was recently experienced by us. You will not have to experience this on such a large scale, but the principle is the same. We will let Pat tell it from her perspective.

I woke up as though I was being pulled through the eye of a needle, a very jagged and sharp eye. There was a pain in my heart so deep that I had no idea how I could survive the experience. I was brought to my knees. The tears that welled and overflowed were so deep they felt like they were not just mine. It was too big. It felt like the tears of all humanity were coming through my eyes.

I was told many years ago that I would be clearing such things for the masses. I can tell you now, it is much different hearing that you will be doing something………….and actually doing it. Although the experience was triggered by an actual event in my life, the feelings felt too big for the event. I couldn’t even hear “us”, the Council, anymore. I was so caught up in the fear that I blocked out my connection to anything but my own mind. I prayed for help and guidance.

I finally began to hear the voices I know so well. I felt their love beat my heart. The Council was still with me. They were actually shouting to get my attention and showed me what I was doing. I was stunned. The feelings felt so deep in my body that I got caught up in them. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The pain I was feeling was actually caused, not by the event that triggered it, but the projection of fear I was shining out there. I had projected a scenario of events into the future that were all based on fear and past experience. I was in pain not only over something old, but over something that had not been created yet.

I was shown this so I could make another choice. I chose to change the story I was creating. Instead of creating a story based on fear, I chose to focus on the love that is here now. I felt the connection to the love I know instead of projecting stories that would kill it, or change it. I created stories of love that projected out to the universe. Then I chose to feel them as deeply as I could. I remembered every time I felt that love and carried that to a timeless space of forever. I found I was no longer crying, but had a wondrous smile on my face, warming my heart.

I became very aware of just how much I am creating my world, every day, in each thought, in each moment. I remember a famous actress once saying she never had a doubt she would achieve such success. I now know she created that success by her belief. She was not afraid. She got back what she put out. I was putting out what I did not want. I was putting out what I feared and was about to create that. Would I have been surprised when it happened???

I went to a favorite park and walked the path around a pond. I spent time there, remembering wonderful experiences I’ve had in that space. I brought the love of those memories to the now and allowed them to fill me with light. I found a place next to a beaver hutch and lay on the ground next to it in the sun, allowing it to warm me to the core. I felt the trees, the wind, the water and the earth itself merge with my energy field. Time seemed to stand still.

I “napped with the beavers” for an eternal second as all this took place. It felt like forever and when I opened my eyes the sun had dropped to the treetops. Much to my surprise, when I finally returned to the car I found I had been gone about a half hour. It is not possible for me to run that loop in an hour. What happened to the time? I stepped into an experience that was outside of time, or to put it more succinctly, time is within it.

How do I feel now? I still feel like weeping from time to time, but allow the energy of the feeling to move through, refusing to build a story around it. If it is an old story, I tap the body and remind it that the feeling is old and release it. If it is a feeling I associate with an emotion, I refuse to build a new story around it and keep it running over and over again. Old story or new, it doesn’t matter. It is the story that gives it the power.

I am the creator of my life. I can make it a happy one or not. I started this day not making it happy and had to realize what I was doing so I could change it. We are in a time in the world when we create instantly. There is no more lag time to depend on. What we think and concentrate on we create – immediately. It is time to notice this and change what we think, believe and desire. Do it consciously so we get back what we prefer.

It is all too easy to look back at what you’ve created and lament that you were given yet one more thing you do not want. The world, God, your neighbor, friend or enemy did not give you that………..YOU did. Take ownership of that. Blame nobody for what you create – that includes blaming yourself.

Feel what it is you feel. Examine the feelings. Are they based on what is true for you or are you putting a story to something that is no longer true or has not even happened yet? If it’s old, let it go. If it has not happened yet, who is to say it will? A happy outcome is just as possible as an unhappy one. Create that. We can tell you if you keep putting out the fear that it will be a painful experience…………it will. Change what you put out there!

We hope that letting “Pat” tell this story will help you to realize that we are also living this with you. It was necessary at this time to be a part of your existence, not just guide you in it. We have known that emotions were challenging for you to navigate and transform, but did not fully understand what they felt like until now. Yes, we know they are not easy. They will be more challenging at times as the light coming into your world becomes brighter and brighter because it is bringing up more and more of the stories you have all so meticulously buried so very deep and insisted on keeping.

We also know you can get through them and we are here in all ways to help you do that. Do not allow your fears to keep you stuck. Face the fear and shine the light on it, as was done here. There is nothing so hard that you cannot get through it. You are not alone. We are with you.

When you feel the darkest and most helpless and hopeless, call a friend. Talk to someone. Everyone is being faced with old fears being released and all of you are creating new stories, based on old ones that had endings you did not like. Be brave. Write the new novel, the one about your life that has the happy ending. THAT’S what you can do with the light of the future. That’s what you can do with it NOW.

It is time, time to take a deep breath and feel the light that is changing your world. It is changing you in ways you never thought possible. You are finding feelings you did not even know you had. That is a wonderful thing. Many of you are reacting differently to your environments and people around you. You are no longer able to keep the stuffed emotions in check. That is wonderful.

We hear from people who are upset because they can no longer contain their old postures and patterns. This is great. Do not try to keep them. Let them go. Create new ones that are more in tune with the light you are becoming. What worked for you before may not work any longer.

The next several months will be filled with more and more emotions that are being released, both yours and those of others around you. It is the same in the world. Do not become afraid because of this mass release of energy. It is a clearing. It is this release of old stuffed energy that will clear the way for the love and light to grow. AND, it is the love and light that is releasing the old energy. It is a perfect flow.

When you see and feel the things that make you sad, scared, angry, or any other emotion being released, it is crucial that you understand that they are old. There is nothing, nothing, no thing here that is new. These are all old emotions that are coming out and being burned off in the light. The energy of this light is fire and it is burning off all the old, heavy, stuffed emotions that no longer work in your world.

Every time you are feeling one of the old feelings being brought up to see, recognize it as old. If it has a story, refuse to give it any power. It is just an old story. Think of it like and old book you no longer choose to keep and give it away. Give it to God, us, a power animal or other trusted being. Watch it disappear into the light. Use your imagination and burn it, rip it up, shred it.

Anything new that you create, create with love and what you prefer, not what you fear. It is your choice. Use the light to remind you of the love you are. Feel it for you and for everyone else in your world. See yourself where you want to be. Let the love, the light, shine on the things you desire to be. Write that new book with the ending your heart will beat with joy.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and joy that we take our leave for this day. Know that you are love and you are loved. We are with you always, all ways. You are never alone.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT – and Pat