Walking Through the Maze

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Walking Through the Maze

We have waited for eons for humanity to reach the level of light that would change the world. You are there. Now it seems like you are walking through a maze. As we watch you maneuver your way through, we see the hesitation as you reach each corner and block in your path. It is at these intersections and turns that you have opportunities that will determine your experience in your world.

Many of you have fear of making the wrong choice. We tell you now – there is no wrong choice. All choices will lead you somewhere. If the place you go next does not suit you, choose again. Because you have lived in a world where choices were clearly in front of you and you stayed in those choices for long periods of time, the idea of stepping around a blind corner is frightening.

We are asking you to take a deep breath and feel in your own heart which direction you need to go next. You are not alone. We are with you with every step. It is now time to feel us with you. As long as you feel alone and separate, you will feel stuck and immobile where you are.

A maze is not a dangerous place. The many movies and books that have been written to instill fear have made it so. You are a species that has thrived on fear and the rush of adrenaline that runs through your veins has become addictive in many ways. Just look around at the products in your beverage aisle at the grocery store and you will see what we mean.

There are more choices for “energy” drinks and enough caffeine to sink ships. When you allow yourselves to get caught up in the frenzy of life, you become the sinking ship. You need time to balance out the excitement with the peace. Too much of either one will make it impossible to move to the next level of the maze. You will either fear to see what is around the corner, or not care to go.

When you stay stuck for fear of what is around a corner, you will not go beyond where you are, and, in many cases, be unhappy or unsatisfied with where you are. You choose to stay where you are unhappy, rather than take a chance on happiness. When you go the other way and create a world seen only thorough “rose colored glasses”, it is a world real only to you. Again, it is balance that is essential to the journey through the maze.

The maze we speak of is life in this new world that you are creating. The choices that you make at each turn are the ones that will determine what life will look like for all of you. It is the combined choices of mankind that create the world experience. You are, together, creating the mass consciousness that make your world real in this universe.

The maze has always been there, but you travelled it with blinders over your eyes. It was very dark in the maze and you bumped into a corner and chose a direction to go in, without even realizing you were making the choices. The lights are now on in the maze. It is not the darkness you are afraid of; it is the light.

It is awareness that has you frozen, not the darkness into which you believe you will walk. As long as you had the blinders on, you could walk off the cliff without any fear. Seeing the cliff in front of you gives you choices you never imagined.

There is an expression in your world that used to work for you – “Ignorance is bliss”. In many ways this was a truth in the world you are now transforming. As long as you did not have to face what was there or see the things that needed changing, you could choose to separate yourselves from it. This is no longer a choice.

Because of the levels of light you have chosen to experience, the darkness is being illuminated. You see the choices that are in front of you, but only one choice at a time. You have not yet reached the level of light that will break down the walls of the maze so you can see all of it at once. Meanwhile, you keep raising the level of the light to eradicate the fear.

No matter how much you may fight the idea, your world, at this time, is in this maze. Until you reach the levels of light to knock down its walls, you will have to make choices at each intersection and corner. It is up to you, what direction to choose. You used to allow others to make those choices for you, but they do not know you as you do.

When others make choices for you and those choices do not make you happy, you have blamed others for your own lives. You forgot that YOU chose to let them make the choices. When you make choices for others, you set yourselves up to be blamed. It is time to take responsibility for your OWN choices and let others be responsible for theirs.

So – here you are at an intersection in your life, looking at the wall, and having no idea what is in either direction. You can choose to go back, but you have already chosen to leave that place or you wouldn’t be at the intersection. You can choose either of the directions in front of you, knowing nothing about where it will take you. You can think about it, analyze it, and it will get you nowhere.

It is now time to feel it in your heart and soul. Close your eyes and feel which direction feels brighter, less fearful. You are not in one of the movies or books you have so long used to make you feel afraid and feel the rush of adrenaline. Instead of fear, feel what it would be like to feel peace. Which way feels safest? Which choice feels more like YOU?

Then the next step comes – trust. There is and has never been a time in your lives that you have not had trust. You trusted things would work for the best, or you trusted that the darkness would swallow you whole. Still you trusted. It is now time to put your trust in what you prefer. CHOOSE to trust that your heart knows best. Choose to know that YOU know you better than anyone else.

You are in the maze of life; that is simply true. Mazes do not have to be scary. This is also simple truth. It has been your addiction to fear that has made it so. Only you can change that. You are not alone. We are there to guide you at your darkest turns. Your soul knows what you love most. These are also simple truths.

Many of you have adopted ways of meditating or at least listening to your own hearts. It may be that little voice inside that you so seldom choose to trust. It is now time to trust yourselves. It is time to listen to that little voice inside your heart that says – if I step off that cliff I will be hurt. If I turn right here I will find what I need; I don’t know what it is, but it feels right. If I turn left it does not feel right – Go Right!!!

We are working overtime to help you. We whisper in your ears, meet you in your sleep, and guide you with gentle nudges. It is now up to you to learn what that is like for you. Pay attention. Be in stillness. Let go of the things that keep you too energized and speeded up to feel. Choose movies and books that help you feel relaxed and happy.

We are with you in the maze. You will hear us the loudest when you are at the crossroads, so learn to listen. We are your inner voice, your “higher self” at work, guiding you.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we leave you this day.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT