Take Our Hand – Turn the Waterfall to a Ripple

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Take Our Hand – Turn the Waterfall to a Ripple

Humanity has been changing at such a rapid rate that we notice some important things getting left behind. The first one is YOU. In the race to succeed, overcome, “find yourself” and be on your path (most of which you are all still looking for), you have forgotten that you are still you.

It is, and has always been, so. Wherever you go, there you will be. You will not be the same version of you that you were, but still you nonetheless. It is this that eludes most of you. You are attempting to let go of all you are and become something or someone else. This will not happen. What will happen, and is happening, is that you are becoming a newer, more efficient version of you.

Think of it as upgrading your computer. You do not need a new one, but it works much better when you keep it up to date and add the upgrades as they are created. It works more efficiently and often has many new features you did not have access to before.

With that comes the question we hear most often: “How do I do that?” We will make it as simple as we can and attempt to put it into your language…………………………..

First you have to accept who you are. It is time to let go of all the judgments you have that say you are not smart enough, pretty enough, good enough, _____________ enough, well, you get the picture. Find out what your “_______ enough” is and replace it with “I AM ENOUGH!” Period!

How you choose to do that is up to you. You can talk with friends/family who love you if that is available, have sessions with healers of your choice, or any of the other choices available to you to let you know you are NOT alone or that something is inherently wrong with you. Take the time; MAKE the time to spend with the people who see the best in you. You may believe there are none. That is a lie. There are always those who see the light in you that you cannot find in yourself. FIND THEM!

Second and perhaps most importantly, remember the “you” that you do not see in the mirror. This is your soul and as that soul, you are eternal and forevermore. This is what you will be bringing with you when you are done with this earthly experience. It is this that you have forgotten.

Thirdly, with this in mind, why don’t you try this experiment? Take the time to look in the mirror. Notice the physical things you see looking back at you. If you can, see them as a stranger would. Do not judge the eyes you believe to be too close together, the nose that is too big or the hair that is not the color you wish it to be. Do not see the wrinkles. There is only one person who truly cares about such things – YOU!

Instead, look into your eyes and allow yourself to get lost in them. FEEL them instead of see them. You may need to look at only one eye. Allow the gaze to soften and the details to blur. You can do this by looking at any part of you and let it blur. This is the point of this exercise.

You have gotten so lost in details that you have forgotten to see the softness and fluidity of who you are. You are NOT solid, as you believe you are. Find the wispy conscious part of you that you have kept hidden not only from the world, but yourself. It is here that you will find who you truly are. It is not the picture of you that you put out to the world that is the real you; it is the consciousness within that forms the structure you show to the world.

At this point you must choose to be honest with yourself. Is the truth within matching the outer appearance? If the answer is yes, you have indeed been doing your work, allowing yourself to grow and change with each “upgrade”. If the answer is no, which we see to be a huge part of humanity at this time, it is time to start altering your lives to fit your heart and soul.

We are not saying this is an easy step. In essence it is, but you have all kinds of beliefs that tell you it is not. You fear the loss of relationships, jobs or even family if you are honest with and follow your own hearts. You fear many things and these things keep you making choices that are unhealthy for you.

Before you can make the choices that fit who you are in each moment, you have to ask yourself one question —– “How bad do I want it?” This is a favorite question in my physical family and it is probably the most important question you will ever ask yourself because the answer will most probably surprise even you.

For all your talk of what you want, what are you willing to do to achieve it? Are you willing to give up your money and creature comforts for happiness? Are you willing to work two or three jobs while going to school to afford an education? Are you willing to give up a relationship, be it family or otherwise, to express who you are, even when they do not approve?

The questions we bring to you today are not easy ones. They are also the only ones that must now be faced and dealt with. You cannot get away from you. You are going with you wherever and whenever you go. What you do not make peace with now, you will have to make peace with later. You will do this either in your present or another life experience. Now, more than any other time in your history on this planet, is the most important time to do this. It is part of your evolution as humanity.

It is also the easiest time in your world. It does not feel like it is easy, but because of the fast pace of your changing world, the energy is such that change is not only instantly possible, but, inevitable. When the world was going at a slower speed it was easier to be stagnant. Now that it is going at light speed, you just need to step into the flow around you and go with it.

To go with the flow, you have to let go of whatever it is you are hanging on to that keeps you tethered to the riverbank. You also have to trust that the flow will not carry you over the waterfall you believe is around the next corner. It is only as big as you believe it to be. It can be an easy flow over a few little ripples or it can feel like Niagara Falls. That is up to YOU! It is not the falls that are real; it is the belief in their power.

For some people, the simple experience of taking a written exam in school is a terrifying thing and that person cannot pass it. For others, it is nothing more than an hour in a classroom. The difference is not the exam; that is the same for all who take it. It is the fear that you cannot do it that makes it what it is. It is you who makes the exam a waterfall instead of a ripple. It is the same with all things in human life. In many cases, the way to change the waterfall to the ripple is to accept the fear of the waterfall.

Several years ago, Pat was faced with losing her house as we/Angelic Council were getting her ready to be embodied by us. We had taken her out of work for two years as we worked with/on her. Her finances were gone and she had enough for only one more mortgage payment. Her fear was great until one day she realized it is only a house. It is sticks and nails and if it should be lost, she would be OK. She would not die and would always be led by her heart/soul to find a way. She KNEW she would be safe. It was at this point that everything changed and, as this works, we are still in the house. AND, if we were not, that would be OK too. We would be somewhere else that would be just a good, or perhaps, even better.

It is the fear, or lack thereof, that makes your lives what they are. If a person has a broken leg, for example, he or she can see that as a horrible experience of suffering, OR, can look at it as a speed bump in the road and take the time of incapacitation as a chance to rest, read, relax and prepare for the next part of the journey ahead. The break in the leg is the same but the experiences of it are two completely different things.

And lastly, you are NOT alone. You are the soul that you will learn to see in the mirror, staring back at you through your eyes. AND you are connected to every other soul EVERYWHERE AND EVERYWHEN.

So, we say to you now, TAKE MY/OUR HAND; it is one hand for all. Let us go over that waterfall together. Let us show you how the waterfall can be just a ripple. Hand us the fear you have so long hung on to. Let us help you walk into the new experience of the same old, but newly upgraded YOU.

It is with the greatest of love, honor, respect and joy that we take our leave this day. Remember – you are not alone. We are with you always, in all ways. Take this journey with us as we take it with you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT