A “Call to Arms” (without armament)

by , under Angelic Readings

We’re moving into a new experience of a new world. It is because of this that we implore all of you to look at yourselves in a new way. We need your help.

The world is changing more rapidly than even we imagined. As you change, the world changes. You have chosen to make the world a place of love and are spending much time and effort to let go of all the fears and beliefs that kept you stuck. Because of this we can now help you to the next level.

You are a conglomeration of thoughts, idea and beliefs and you are living them in an environment of your choice. You chose the role you are playing and it may or may not suit who you are now. As your roles shift, so will your world.

The world is no longer what it was when you came into this world. The older you are, the more change has occurred. Many of you look back at the “old days” and long for the way it was. Some of you are much happier to have it the way it is now. One thing stays constant. Change will continue to happen and that change is happening VERY fast.

If you are one of the people who resist change, you are in for a bumpy ride. If you accept it with ease and grace, it will be the adventure of a lifetime. Whichever way you choose will bring a different experience. It is up to you which you choose. If you fear change, you can certainly let go of that fear. If you are having difficulty with letting go, work with someone who can help you.

Fear of change only happens when you project your beliefs and fears out to the future. You fear what has not yet happened and then create it. Or, you stay where you are and hope that the world changing around you will not interfere with your choice to stay as you are. When you choose to not fear a future you have not yet created, you will be living in each moment. In the moment, you can see around you and feel life, as it is – no illusions.

Fear, anger, hate, rage and all the lower vibrational energy in the world is being raised to higher vibrations of love, contentment and joy. You are now in the throes of this change. You see it in the world as chaos as it is transmuted. It will be some time yet until this phase of the transmutation has passed.

Because of this, it will be up to you to decide how to view the world around you. You can choose to see the darker aspects that are erupting OR you can choose to see the light of change. It has been the habit of your world to see the dark. Your news proliferates it each day. They take three percent of the world and project it to you as the whole, fearful picture.

Those of you still stuck in fear get caught up in this and believe it to be true. Those of you who see and feel the love growing within the world see great acts of courage and generosity. Whichever one of these you choose will determine your experience in every day life. Do you wish to feel sad and afraid or do you prefer to go through each day feeling good?

We recently spoke with a young adult who has lost faith in humanity and is afraid that you, as a whole, will not be able to fix your world in time to save it. It is a sad commentary on your world, that such negativity has taken root in its youth. For generations you have made choices that have not been healthy for your world. Our advice is to not look at the unhealthy choices that have been made, but instead, find solutions you can make to reverse what has been done.

You have power to change your world. You fear that only one person cannot make a difference. This is not true. As you change, those around you change; not always as you would wish, but change they will. Do not sit idle because you believe you cannot make the world better. Do not believe it is too little, too late. You will not change the world until you believe you can. Belief is crucial, or at least, having hope, that keeps you moving and not giving up.

It is always when things seem darkest in a world that people give up AND it is exactly then that you need to not quit. This being said, we ask you to consider these words and make a choice to find solutions to everything you believe needs changing. Instead of finding fault with what is and waiting for someone else to fix it, find a way to change it. Make it the best solution you can create.

The world has been set up on complacency. You watched, waited and judged what others have done. We now ask you to STOP. If you do not like what has been done, change it. If you do not like the choices politicians, companies, or institutions are making, speak up. You have the power and the right to do that.

Yes, the world is changing. You cannot stop that. You can make choices to make the change what you want it to be. You can reestablish faith in your world and fellow man. Do not let what you have seen discourage you from making it what you want. You can make your world the peaceful, healthy, beautiful world you prefer.

We will call this a “call to arms”, without the arms. You need no longer be armed with destructive weaponry. You need to be “armed” with love, passion and the intent to transform your world as never before.

It starts with you.

And so it is!

As always, it is a joy and pleasure to be with you in this way. It is with honor, love and respect for all of you that we take our leave.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT