Living Unity in a Segregated World

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Much has been said about unity and diversity, but never has it been more meaningful than at this time in your world. As you evolve to a higher version of human, you are being challenged in each moment to maintain your individuality at the same time you remember your oneness with All That Is.

Many of you are afraid that you will lose yourselves along the way. Because you no longer see and feel as you did, you feel lost and alone. Please remember that alone is “all one”. It is the great principle of humanity, being who you are as an individual and living the connection to everyone and everything else.

It is because of this that we have initiated the Sacred Rites of Humanity. It is time for your physical expression, your body, to realize that it will not die as you remember your wholeness. It is the greatest fear of the physical body. You have, for so long, believed you are the body that the mass consciousness has created the reality that you are that and perhaps a soul lies within it.

We are here to set the record straight. You are a soul, part of the greatest consciousness anywhere and everywhere. Many of you call it God. When you wake up, or as you call it being born, into the physical world, your soul is able to lower its vibration enough to become mass. That is the body you see, hear, feel, taste, smell and recognize as you. And so it would seem, you are separate from everyone else. In truth you are still the soul, or the energy field, and that extends far beyond the edges of the body.

For eons you have been working toward remembering this simple fact. Now that you are waking into remembrance of who you truly are, you are being challenged with what to do with it. The body fear that it will disappear as you grow in remembrance is a false belief. You have chosen to experience the physical and that will not change any time soon.

It is the physical world that gives you the experience you chose. To know the feeling of being separate enables you to know things that we, in the angelic realm, only dream of through you. We are here to guide you, but until we could be with you in the physical as we are here with Pat, we did not know the joy of the experience – or the pain.

We knew you had the feelings and we helped to guide you through them, but until we actually felt them here, we had no idea how powerful they were. It is feelings that keep you returning to Earth, lifetime after lifetime. It is the feelings, both physical and emotional that make you feel alive so very much more than here at home.

We are able to be in the oneness and love at levels you can barely imagine, but we cannot hear the sound of a bird, walk in the rain, touch a loved one and know the joy of physical union. It is no wonder you keep returning, even though the pain quite often seems overwhelming.

Our job now is to help you remember home IN the physical world. It is no longer necessary or even preferred that you “leave your body” in meditation to remember home. It is now time to bring the highest memory of joy that you can find and “in-corporate” it into your everyday experience. It is time to bring Heaven to Earth.

That is another expression you have heard many times and may not have truly understood. Heaven on Earth to many of you is taken from the Bible and translated as total peace on earth. This is true in essence but the living of it may not always feel that way. Sometimes, when you are in the midst of chaos, Heaven may feel like Hell.

It is up to you to turn that around. For many of you, your whole lives have been spent in “Hell”, or at least felt like that is what it is by your own judgments. We will tell you now – there is no actual place called Heaven OR Hell. They are concepts of your experience. Pain is perceived as Hell and joy as Heaven. The more you experienced one or the other, the more you created Heaven or Hell on Earth.

It is time to change that perspective. It is up to you to change your world from an experience of Hell to one of Heaven. We can, will and are helping you with this, but it is up to each and every one of you to make this your reality. We can lead you to it but cannot make you live it.

We have told you many times over the last few years that this time was coming and when it did, all the heavier vibrations of hate and fear in your world would be shaking loose. It is now here. The old, heavier vibrations of “Hell” are shaking loose and it is up to you to keep adding “Heaven” to it.

How do you do that? It is really quite simple, you add “Heaven” to “Hell”. You add love to YOU. You choose to show yourselves love in every moment. You let go of judgment, for you and others, and choose to accept that each and every one of you sees your world from a different perspective. No two of you can see it the same way AND every view is correct.

Your view of you and the world is perfectly correct for you. Everyone else will see you differently. The same goes for everyone else. You will see them differently than you because you make different choices than they would. Well, they are NOT you while you are in the physical world. It is when you are in the physical world that you have the richest opportunity for growth in the Universe.

It is in relationship that you also have the richest opportunity for growth. As each person in a relationship butts up against another, each one gets to see themselves clearer. Unfortunately up until now, most of you have blamed the one who abutted with you for you seeing what you see in yourself. Rather than look at yourselves, you blamed the one who held up the mirror. It is time to look in the mirror of the world and take ownership of you. Use the vision of yourselves to make new choices.

Let us use the analogy of baking a cake. First you choose what kind of cake you like. Some of you prefer chocolate, some white or vanilla, carrot, etc. Then you collect your ingredients, follow the directions of your recipe and create your beautiful cake. The cake we are now baking is a Heaven on Earth cake, so —-let’s find our ingredients……………

Actually it is a very simple cake, it takes only two ingredients:

Heaven – a remembrance of home

Earth – your physical experience

Heaven is any part of you that smiles and feels that “warm fuzzy” feeling of love, peace or joy. Please remember that joy does not mean fireworks will be going off and the world will go away! It can be as simple as a smile.

Earth we see as the everyday life you chose. It may be getting up in the morning, turning off the alarm and going off to work so you can pay your bills. It may be feeling lost and alone AND it may be the birth or loss of a loved one.

So – to bake the cake – spend all the time you can to find things that make you smile. Even if it is difficult to find, look for the memories that DID feel peaceful and magnify them. Make them grow from a teaspoon to a tablespoon and add them to the bowl. Add as many as you can. The more you add, the higher your cake will rise.

Earth is your everyday life and it is your bowl. It is not necessary to climb out of the bowl to feel the smile. Bring it to the bowl. When you are in a place of sorrow or pain, bring back a teaspoon of joy. Keep adding the warm and fuzzy memories to the bowl. The reason most of you have cakes that fall flat is that you do not put enough “happy” into them.

It is up to you to take the happy memories and hang onto them like your lives depend upon them. What you have been doing is grabbing onto the painful ones and repeating them over and over and over and over………..And so it has been. You have been making Hell of your lives in many cases where Heaven was also at your fingertips.

You are baking this cake. What cake would you like to bake? It is up to you. There is no right or wrong one so please do make the one you prefer. You cannot change the world around you. You CAN change you. That, in turn, will change your experience of the world you live in.

We speak of this not only as a concept of your experience. We speak not only of philosophy, but physics. As you add smiling moments and memories to your world, you raise your physical vibration to one of love. That in turn changes the world around you or at least your living of it. Your pain lessens and happiness emerges. Wars lessen and peace prevails.

Since you cannot be separate from anything, whatever change you make in you, it is made for everyone. You move, they move. Every time you add a teaspoon of smiles, everyone feels the smile. There is no other way. You have been doing it the other way and every painful thing you added, others felt the pain. Choose again!

It is time to make this cake. It is time to add and live love in your every day world. Give notice to your body that it no longer controls your life. Give it permission to ease up on you and allow the higher vibration of love to enter. It will bring healing on so very many levels, for you AND for your world.

We are with you in every moment, helping you release the darker moments in your memories and bring in the loving ones that make you smile. Please remember this so you will choose to let the painful ones go and grab onto the happy ones. Bring Heaven to Earth. Live the love of home even as you feel the separation or segregation of physicality.

It is with the greatest of love and joy that we spend this time with you. You are our greatest joy and add our biggest smile to your planet and your lives.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT