Embodying Soul

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Embodying Soul

Know that all things in this world are illusions of something you believe. It is because of this that you are able to find your way through the hills and valleys of life. It is now time to recognize the illusion as such and use it to your advantage.

Being illusion does not mean it is not real! This is where humanity has gotten mixed up before. As you grow spiritually to the higher vibrations and learn that life is illusion, you try to move away from life. In fact, it is time to move TO life. Yes, it is illusion, a dream, lived by you and the world at large. You are all dreaming the same dream at the same time.

You did not go to earth to experience humanity to be non-physical.   You are already that. You are there to experience being physical in every way you can. You are there to remember you are your soul AND that you are there to BE physical while in the illusion.

For those of you who believe that you must be more soul/spirit and less physical, you do not have the whole picture. It is time to merge soul and body as one. That is the only way you will fully know who you are.

The biggest question you have had as human is who you are. Second is why are you there. The answer is simple. You are your soul and you are there to experience being human, to experience separation from your source so you can more fully experience YOU.

This experience was not created so you could suffer. That is something you created when you realized you were in “separate” bodies. You decided that you, being separate from the whole, could be better or worse than the rest and someone had to be right or wrong. All comparison and judgment started at that moment.

What we are talking about here is merging the wholeness with the experience of being separate. When you can live your individuality with the wisdom of your soul and memory of wholeness, oneness, you will be able to live your lives from the perspective of love.

From the higher perspective of oneness as an individual, there will be no one you can, or will want to, harm. It will be like breaking one of your own arms.

Every single thing you are there to experience is for your personal growth AND the growth of humanity. If more than half of you had not decided to go forward with love in your lives, we would not be having this conversation with you.

You called us. You told us you are ready to move forward and you have passed the point of no return. There is no turning back. Humanity is evolving to a species of heart-based love. That can no longer change. It is up to you how you create it.

The first, and most important, thing for you to do is realize that you are truly your soul having that human experience. After that you need to live that experience to your fullest. This does not mean you need to spend hours a day in meditation. It is no longer about reaching nirvana and leaving your human life or body behind.

It is about bringing the love that you are into your every day lives. It is about taking care of you and making healthy choices about your bodies. When that is done, it is time to help others learn to take care of themselves. If someone is incapable of taking care of him or herself, help find them ways to make that easier. If you cannot do that, suggest others who can and trust them to help.

You do not have to do everything yourself. Ask for help. Ask us, your family, friends, colleagues, etc. As long as you believe you are alone, you will feel the burden of the world upon your own shoulders and drown in the feeling of overwhelm. Share the load. You are NOT alone.

You are beautiful. Your bodies are the most magnificent creations in your universe. You have senses that bring both joy and pleasure. Joy is of spirit; pleasure is physical. BOTH are necessary for a healthy, happy life.

You have, for many reasons, chosen to believe you are not to have pleasure. Some believe it is sinful or you do not deserve it. That is not true. Pleasure, as joy, is not a sin. That is a belief that has been handed down through many generations. There is nothing in your world that is sinful as of itself. It is the intention of their uses that created the problem. You were taught that you body was bad because of things some did with them that went against church laws.

Please understand we are not judging organized religions, just stating facts of your history. The same has become clear within your civil laws. They were created to keep pace and order for the times they were written. Many of these things are wonderful assets and some are terribly outdated.

It is up to you as individuals to decide what works for you. These are the choices that must now be made from loving hearts. They have been made for eons from fear and judgment and must now be re-written to fit your new world.

This brings us back to the beginning. You must first find what is right for you. It is time to jettison the baggage of old ideas and judgments and find the truth within your own heart/soul. Then you must live it.

It is time to walk the talk. Most of you who are reading this have been working on opening your hearts for quite some time. You know the concepts and you speak beautiful words. We are now asking you to be brave and take the next step. It is time to live your beliefs – in plain sight.

Many of you fear the judgment of others for your beliefs. You will help them grow when you show them what love looks like. Be the ambassadors of light. Love yourselves and then love your neighbors. If you “Love your neighbor as yourself”, and you do not love yourself, you do not do your neighbor a favor.

Be the love you know your soul to be. Be it in your physical reality. Feel the love in you. Fill yourself with all the wonderful things you would like to give to others and then watch them get it through you. You cannot pour love into someone’s glass when your pitcher is empty.

You can still help others but do it from a full heart, not out of duty or obligation. What you do from obligation becomes a chore and is not joy to perform. When it is done from love there is no hardship. It is not heavy to carry and does not feel like work. It is pure joy.

Also, do not forget pleasure. Feel the sun on your body, dance, sing, read, eat, play, make love……………the list goes on and on.

In closing for today we ask you to be seen. Be seen for the love that is in your heart and let it flow outward. It will go where it needs to go and be received by those that need it. It is not always up to you where and how to pass it on. Give it to you and let it overflow out to others.

As always, it is a great joy to be with you. It is with great honor and love that we share this time with you. We often wish it were also with pleasure, but having no physicality to experience it, we will smile with you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT


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