Letting Go and Moving On

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Letting Go and Moving On

May, 2014

It is crucial, at this time in your history, to move away from the energy that you have been connected to in your past. It has kept you safe from perceived insults, but it has also kept you prisoner to the past. It is now time to move into your present, which becomes the future with each and every breath.

Many of you are feeling torn apart, not only emotionally, but physically as well. This is because you are being rearranged at a cellular level as you let go of old events, memories and people. It is crucial that you do this now. The time for hanging on to what was is no longer going to be possible.

Time is shifting in ways you cannot imagine. Because of that, your experience of your life will no longer be the same. When you are living in the present instead of the past or desired (or feared) future, you will not able to fully live at all. As you move into the experience of living in each moment, your perception and experience of time can no longer function in the same way.

Your choice to focus on what is happening in each moment takes you away from the experience of the time it took to live in those moments. Life happens in the no-time of the present. That is why you get to the end of a day and wonder how it happened in the blink of an eye. It is the eternal second of now.

This can only happen when you live in your heart. As long as you are thinking back to the past or trying to create a future, you are in the energy of thought. The energy of thought is linear in experience and will be felt as time. As long as you can “think” of past and present you can not fully feel the present moment.

This brings us to why you are here, evolving in this way at this time. You are doing this for many reasons, the most prominent of them, the change from fear to love. When you are in the present moment and fully focused on your task at hand there is no fear to experience. The only exception to this is when you are faced with mortal danger, in a war zone, for example.

That too shall change as you evolve but you are not there yet. As long as you believe you stop living when your heart stops beating in your world, you will fear death. You also fear disease, pain and other things you believe can stop you from living. These fears ultimately end in the fear of death. When you truly understand that you keep on living beyond this earthly experience, all fear will vanish.

As we said, you are not there yet. Many of you are beginning to grasp the concept but the mass belief is still in fear, so that will be your human experience until the majority of humanity reaches a higher understanding.

So, what is your mission as humanity evolves? It is for all of you to keep releasing all the old memories and beliefs that have kept you stuck in the fear. Every time one of you lets go of an old trauma or belief it help others in your world let go of theirs. You let go of something for you and you inadvertently let it go for hundreds of others. You move, they move.

What will happen when the old patterns of fear are released? New beliefs will form that will replace the old. The difference that will make will be astronomical. As you move from fear to love you can only begin to see what a change that will be for your world.

Imagine a world without war, or hatred, or fear, or prejudice, or intolerance. Imagine a world where everyone helps each other to be the best and highest version of themselves they can be, not because they are obligated to but because they WANT to.

Love has no boundaries. It simply breeds more love and keeps growing beyond limits. It opens hearts, heals wounds, crumbles fear to dust, and feels really great in the process.

We know how impossible this seems from where you are right now. That is why we are asking you to practice being love and loved in each moment. As you get used to practicing love you will find that you actually begin to feel love. It is in doing that you create your future. It is in being the love that you find you want to spread it to everyone else. If you find it difficult, fake it till you make it. Do it anyway.

Your world is evolving person-by-person, moment-to-moment. It does not happen in a day, nor does it always seem easy in the process. There are and will be days that seem quite difficult as the fears rise from the old, hidden recesses of your being.

The old traumas coming into the light create the richest ground for change. Take those moments and make choices to release the pain. No one else can do that for you. They can help you make the choices to go through the process and be there to support you in many ways, but it will always be up to you to make the choice. It is yours and yours alone.

Please understand that we are with you always, in all ways. You are not alone, although it often feels as though this is true. You are feeling the separation from your source, God, All That Is because you are in physical form and that feels separate from everything around it. It is important to be calm when you become frightened and feel alone. Breathe and take the time to feel the energy around you. Call a friend. Remind yourself that you can only FEEL alone; you cannot BE alone.

Detaching from the old beliefs, people and traumas does NOT mean you can no longer love them. There is a misconception that to let go you will never see them again. That is only true if you no longer choose to see them. It does mean you no longer have to feel the pain when you see them. As you set them free you set YOU free.

It also means if there is an unhealthy relationship you would do better away from, you can make the choice to leave them without guilt or pain. The choice is yours. You only have guilt when you see where it is coming from and refuse to let it go. If this is your choice, look at this and see why it feels better to keep feeling the guilt than to let it go. Only you can make that choice!

We are helping humanity to open the old cell doors that kept you prisoner to your own experience, pain and beliefs. We are asking for your participation in letting it go. Only then can you move on into a more loving, happy relationship with yourself and your world. Only when you are happy with you can you be happy with others.

This is our challenge for you as we speak. Find the demons that are buried within your fears and memories and choose to release them. If you cannot do it by yourself, talk with a friend, a lightworker, or a therapist that believes in life traumas beyond this life, either past life or generational, within your family genealogy. Yes, the trauma of an ancestor can become yours. You can release it for not only you, but for all the members of your family tree.

Help us help you into the light of the world as it evolves with you. Do your part to face your fear and move through it to the place of peace and love. It is your right and privilege to do so. It is up to you to make the move to a higher experience of your life.

Call on us. Know we are here. You are not alone. We will hold your hand and guide you through the turmoil AND it is up to you to take the step, make the choice, to move into the light of love. You create the world you want by becoming what you want it to be.

It is with the greatest of honor, love and gratitude that we take our leave this day. Be the love you want to see in the world. Know that you are loved beyond your present understanding of what love is.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT