Angelic Readings

Living Unity in a Segregated World

Much has been said about unity and diversity, but never has it been more meaningful than at this time in your world. As you evolve to a higher version of human, you are being challenged in each moment to maintain your individuality at the same time you remember your oneness with All That Is. Many

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Embodying Soul

Embodying Soul Know that all things in this world are illusions of something you believe. It is because of this that you are able to find your way through the hills and valleys of life. It is now time to recognize the illusion as such and use it to your advantage. Being illusion does not

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Letting Go and Moving On

Letting Go and Moving On May, 2014 It is crucial, at this time in your history, to move away from the energy that you have been connected to in your past. It has kept you safe from perceived insults, but it has also kept you prisoner to the past. It is now time to move

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