Angelic Readings

Growing a New World

Growing a New World October, 2016 We are here on earth for a reason. It was with great trepidation that we took the initiative to merge with Pat a few years back. Since then we have experienced many joys and also fears as they arose. She was put into a situation recently where her lungs

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Walking Through the Maze

Walking Through the Maze We have waited for eons for humanity to reach the level of light that would change the world. You are there. Now it seems like you are walking through a maze. As we watch you maneuver your way through, we see the hesitation as you reach each corner and block in

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A “Call to Arms” (without armament)

We’re moving into a new experience of a new world. It is because of this that we implore all of you to look at yourselves in a new way. We need your help. The world is changing more rapidly than even we imagined. As you change, the world changes. You have chosen to make the

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