Growing a New World


Growing a New World

October, 2016

We are here on earth for a reason. It was with great trepidation that we took the initiative to merge with Pat a few years back. Since then we have experienced many joys and also fears as they arose. She was put into a situation recently where her lungs were greatly compromised. When the situation with her lungs escaladed, we worried that we had taken on and asked too much, but panic was avoided. We experienced an extended time of rest and introspection.

There is a lesson in all of this. There is a great connection with the lungs and living. We are not talking here of existing, but living to your full potential. That does NOT mean doing what Mom, Dad and your teachers have told you to do. Nor does it mean to give your all to what you have decided would be best for you to do, even when it did not feel good to do so.

It means you put your feet in front of you and decide what feels best for your own heart and soul to do. Sometimes doing that means alienating your friends and family. It, at the very least, probably means they will look at you like you have lost your mind. You will have to be strong in your love of whatever you follow in your life. Know what works for you and makes you happy. What sings your heartstrings?

Lungs equal life. Without them in this world you will perish. You use them every day and never give it a thought. It is natural and instinctive to breathe. When it becomes more than that, it challenges you to see more and re-evaluate your life. Often it is the most difficult times that lead us in the direction we need to go.

Look back at your life. Are you happy with it? Have you done all you wish to have done? One of the challenges we faced a short time ago was to make out a “bucket list”. Much to our surprise, there was only one thing left to put on the list and that is a weak “must”. If it happens it will be fun, if not that is OK too.

Also important was looking back at my life (Pat before the Council) and seeing if I had any regrets. I do not. There are many things I would do differently knowing what I do now, but I have no regrets for the choices I made. Without them I would not have my present knowing and perspective. They were all gifts, although they did not feel like gifts at the time.

The other thing that became clear as glass is what is important. Mostly it is the little things that bring a smile to your face. Watch your pet play. Play games with your children and grandchildren. Watch their accomplishments without becoming wrapped up in them. Their accomplishments belong to them, not to you. You can stand back and be proud, but do stand back.

The world is filled with avenues waiting to be explored. Some of them seem lovely, beautiful and bright and many of them look horrific to the tired mind. AND, make no mistake; we are all going through a time on earth of viewing the world with tired minds. That is when it is most important to take a deep breath and look again. Is there a way we can see a different perspective? If there is, find one and look again.

See the world behind the story. Only from there can we see how we have helped to create the story. Our history tells us a gory tale of endless conquering and pain. If we look in the right places however, we can see the chances opened to us for change. Just because history has written things one way does NOT mean we have to keep doing it the same old way. Change it.

Humans are eminently clever. Find new ways, new solutions and be brave enough to stand and be heard. We do not always have the best choices to pick from at the time, but if you pick from a light heart, it will lead to the next light choice. That is a fact. If you pick from a heavy hear, well, let history show you how to fail.

Do yourself a favor. Take a day off and find a quiet space. Look back at your life and see if there is anything you need to do for you. If it feels small, do not ignore it. If it were not important you would not have thought of it. It only has to feel important to you. This is your life. Then see if there is some way you can work it into your life. It might just be the most important thing you ever do for you and change your life in ways you never dreamed of.

The world is changing in ways you can’t fathom at the moment. As the fear and chaos is released from the earth plane it is “kicking it in your face” so it is harder to see the light. It is now more than ever that you need to look past the debris and see the truth behind it. Please, please, do not get caught up in the chaos and think that is all there is. It is not.

Make no mistake; your attitude drives your experience. If you see monsters in the closet it is more likely you will find monsters in your life. Look for the light and let the monsters disappear. That is especially clear in this election year in the United States. The monsters are running rampant and you, as a nation, have forgotten to shine the light.

Shine the light. Hold it as bright as you can and let the monsters melt in that light. You will see how little power they have when you hold your own. This is the crucial answer to this dilemma. Refuse to see the monsters as monsters. Politicians were created to work for you. Tell them what you want and hold them accountable. You have that power.

We are sure if you hired a painter to paint your house green and he or she painted it purple with yellow poker dots, you would fire the painter. Why won’t you do that with your politicians, doctors and other people you put up on pedestals?

After you have found your heart, find your voice. Back yourself up. Stand in your truth and speak it. It does not matter if you speak it from a rooftop or at your dinner table. The energy of your words will reinforce your heart and it will be heard where it needs to.

Thank you for growing with us as we grow a new world filled with love and light. It is not easy to do such huge work but you are doing it with as much grace as we could have hoped for. It is a gift and a please to be doing this with you.

It is with the greatest honor and love that we leave you this day.

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